Your 2 Current MNH sets for anyone of my scans

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  1. Philactica

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    WW 03 23 Bl4 M.JPG How much easier can it be for anyone wanting to get a good lot of stamps by just sending two complete mint never hinged sets from your local post office ?

    What you do:
    Send the selected Title of the scan which you wish to receive via a private message.
    Send two current complete mint never hinged stamp sets (4-6 stamps per set) to my address.
    The selected lot/s per scan will be sent to your provided address.

    What simpler way can there be to get so much for just a little effort.

    NZ 08 11 Health sets MNH
    NZ 08 11sHealth M.JPG

    NZ 02 10 sets Health MNH
    NZ 02 10sset M.JPG

    NZ 24g Mixture VFU
    NZ 24g U3.jpg

    SA 09 80 - South Africa all different values
    SA 09 80v1 U.JPG

    NZ 03 111 all different values NZ 03 111v1 U.JPG
    NZ 03 111v1 U2.JPG
    SA 12 78 values VFU
    SA 12 78vR U.JPG

    AFR 10 120 values African Mixture VFU
    AFR 10 120v1 U.JPG

    Worldwide Blocks of 4 MNH
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  2. James-2489

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    2012-07-05 = unpublished print run. 15 baht basic airmail Europe.
    National rate post is 2 baht up to 20gm. 3 baht up to 100gm.
    Many large stores here pay workers 25 - 30 baht per hour.


    2015-02-02 - 500,000 stamps issued.




    Hello Erich, These are all I've found at present.
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  3. Philactica

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    Hi James,

    Thank you for the scans.

    I would take all though the fauna and flora is preferred one can not always be choosey.

    Send me a private message via 'conversations' with your wants and postal address.

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