Would you trade a really good stamp for anything other than cash?

Discussion in 'Trades' started by judyd, Jun 2, 2016.

  1. judyd

    judyd New Member

    Have you ever traded a stamp for anything other than money? What do you consider a valuable and comparable exchange? Or do trades always consist of cash for stamps?
    I don't know that I would trade for anything other than cash, it seems to be the only medium in which you have the most control.
    What has been your experience?
  2. Philactica

    Philactica Active Member

    It would be the odd trade but not unlikely,

    I would exchange my stamps for the latest Mustang - LOL
  3. FitzjamesHorse

    FitzjamesHorse Active Member

    For most people, the only stamps to trade are "duplicates".
    While some mint stamps do have a value, most collectors would be disappointed at any offer made by a dealer.
    Used stamps "generally" have no real value except as a form of "currency" to obtain stamps from other collectors.
    Few people could really build a "world collection" without trading stamps with other collectors.
    To give two examples.
    In November I attended an auction organised by a stamp club and bought about 5,000 stamps for less than £5....a bargain. I spent about six weeks sorting them and about 20% went iinto my world collection. The other 4,000 stamps were duplicates and I have been able to trade about 500 (mostly Irish and British) for other stamps. Most of the rest will eventually be traded.
    And last night at an auction and bought around 1,000 stamps for £9....not a bargain as only about 200 could go into my world collection. But I will be able to trade some of the rest.
    I should point out that I am only serious about collecting Ireland...the world collection is for fun only and I actually buy these auction lots of mostly duplicates so that I nearly always have a stock available.
    In stamp collecting, one person's duplicates is another person's wants list.
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  4. Philactica

    Philactica Active Member

    I would get tired of collecting the same old hash, as in a collection the gaps (classic stamps) start costing a lot of money and are out of reach to most mortals.
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  5. SATX Collector

    SATX Collector Remember the Alamo!

    I collect a little (OK, a LOT) of everything, but a lot of that becomes trading materials as well. I like the hobby aspect of collecting as I can spend as much time, money, and space OR as little as I want to...

    I am totally not addicted to it. I spend a lot of pleasant hours sorting, but my wife and I are also true history folks... different ages, lifestyles, cultures, etc help us to decide where to go next. Stamps give us a clue as to what country to visit next... 2017 will be Germany, Italy, and Greece.
  6. Larry L. Taylor

    Larry L. Taylor Active Member

    I usually just trade, although I've sold stamps (infrequently). There's no profit to be made in the 99+% of my collection. Given what I paid for the Farley imperf plate blocks, likely the Graf Zeplin set (MNH/VF), or the US duck stamps, I might be able to recoup my investment in 20 years, but I'll be in my late 80's if I live that long. Wondering what my kids might do with my collection?
  7. Philactica

    Philactica Active Member

    All stamp collectors have gems, or so they think they do until the day the possible new owner scrutinizes their collection.

    The point however I would like to make, why leave it to the kids ?

    'Kids' should be old enough to appreciate the time, money and care keeping it in good nick.
    The latter would disqualify most kids bar them playing with the 'happy stamp' most used to start off on.

    Only in the responsible years could adults 'care' for an inherited collection. If the 'care' is stable time may factor and the continuation to collect would cost money.

    A collector knows best if a kid shows promise but would need the knowledge to grow, that is coupled with time and money which is lacking in the young years.

    Uninterested kids would run off to the local dealer to make the one sided profit thinking more of how to spend the money.

    Sell off by all means where you can, at least you have control of the deal.

    Your mortal remains will not suffer the anguish if the kids trash you collection but would be family fiber if continued.

    Then again your stamps may not be enough for the price to dispose your corpus spongiosum.
  8. sahara1981

    sahara1981 New Member

    I have only traded the stamps that I collected and oftentimes it would be those that I have in double. Yet, I would be interested in trading it for money if I get a good deal out of it but here is the thing if I do not know the real value of my stamp how do I know that the price someone wants to pay is fair or not?
  9. Philactica

    Philactica Active Member

    A Stamp catalogue from your local Library would help you to get some idea and then calculate 5% of the common stamps (those under $1) .
    If the catalogue value shows above $1 show them here for eager appraisers.
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  10. DonSellos

    DonSellos Moderator Moderator

    When I began collecting stamps over 50 years ago I did some trading, but gave it up. I found it excessively time consuming and not a very efficient way to acquire stamps I needed. It used to be that traders ran ads in the many weekly and monthly stamp periodicals. Those stamp periodicals are mostly gone now. The ads would read "send 500 different commemorative-sized stamps and receive 500 in return," or maybe "send 100 stamps cataloging $1 and up and receive 100 of equal value in return." Very rarely were there offers for trading one specific stamp for one specific stamp in return.

    I have always preferred to collect a definitive series of stamps rather than commemorative sets. Not many other collectors are interested in definitives so my trading scope was always limited to begin.

    As for selling, it is difficult to sell single stamps profitably. It is difficult to sell single stamps or lots of stamps profitably due to high postage rates, advertising costs, etc. I have sold some philatelic items on eBay. Stamps don't sell quickly on eBay -- too much competition, too many other sources for them. Something very different or unusual (some covers are a good example) will sell fairly quickly, but such items are difficult to acquire consistently and at a cost low enough to turn a profit on resale.

    In short, I do not have the patience to trade stamps or the personality and marketing skills to sell them. I'm destined to be a buyer and collector always.

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  11. Hochstrasse

    Hochstrasse Moderator Moderator

    In short, I do not have the patience to trade stamps or the personality and marketing skills to sell them. I'm destined to be a buyer and collector always.

    Ditto on the lack of patience Don. I too am a buyer and collector.
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  12. SATX Collector

    SATX Collector Remember the Alamo!

    I will throw my lot in with you two... only in the last couple of years have I sat down long enough to evaluate what I have (by type and Scott #, not $$) and what I need. Since time seems to get shorter the older you get, I want to be able to scout out the holes, not the duplicates.

    If you are in a similar situation and have 'holes', I have a lot of dupes that might be the one you need. We can trade or not, however you need to do it. I am NOT going to make any money at it (I think many folks here have said the same thing) and I also appreciate collecting series from a historical point of view. And I have a lot of holes also, if you happen to find the twins to the ones you are keeping...:joyful:
  13. ratio411

    ratio411 Active Member

    Way too close for comfort...

    I was supposed to sell my father's collection when he passed, I was not a stamp collector. I became WAY too frustrated trying to sell it, and now, even though I would prefer to sell the thing, I have more than doubled it's size!

    It's like an albatross around the neck for me, and I go through phases of pretending I am a collector, and end up buying, instead of liquidating.
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  14. DonSellos

    DonSellos Moderator Moderator


    Sure sounds like you are a collector! :joyful: LOL

  15. Takis Kalogerakos

    Takis Kalogerakos Active Member

  16. Harry Golightly

    Harry Golightly NonHinged

    To answer the Thread Questions: 1.Never,so far, for anything, other than $$ & that was selling off duplicates. 2. I would enjoy striking -up a Trading partner or more in hopes of upgrading certain stamps in my sets that fall below the VF-XF grade. Unfortunately, I'm not sure exactly how that's done! 3. I would be open to other forms of trade, other than $ or stamps.
    Perhaps a bit of my collecting history would be of interest:
    When I was a youth living here in Houston I had an 'allowance' of $5.00 per week paid for mowing, taking out garbage cans & other chores.
    Most early Saturday mornings would find me catching the bus for downtown and the CALICO bldg. located at the North end of Main St.
    On the 7th floor was my destination, Mitula Stamp & Coin company.
    Once there, I would look longingly at the complete sets of beautifully engraved British Commonwealth definitives from exotic, far away countries. My $5.00, however, would only be able to purchase an incomplete set up to perhaps the 1/-. No high values or complete sets for me on my budget.
    About 25 years ago I returned to stamp collecting, having the funds to get just about any complete set that struck my fancy.
    I now collect MNH examples of sets from the BCW of Geo-V,Geo-VI & QE-II prior to 1970. I try and get the best centering, complete perforations & highest quality gum condition on all my sets. I am proudly obsessive, picky & a little 'daft' regarding condition!...I also enjoy the back-story behind each set's production, if I can ferret it out, political or not.
    I apologize to the members if I have given TMI.
    "Life is a tough Teacher, It gives you the Test first & the Lesson later"
  17. jim72051

    jim72051 Active Member

    I am also in Houston. I'd be glad to trade any that I have that are better centered than yours but beware I started collecting in the 60's and I am a hinge advocate for foreign stamps. (by the way do you remember Jack McMann and Downtown Stamps?)

    In general I trade stamp stuff for stamp stuff all the time. I usually trade to people that can come by my place in Houston so we can see what we each have and don't have to pay postage. Once I know them I let them take albums home to search through for missing gems for their collection. Most stamps and covers don't have much value and if I have a dozen or more copies it doesn't matter what the catalog says, I would prefer to have something of any value that I don't have than a lot of duplicates.

    I just ran into a fellow at the recent stamp show that wanted Portugal stamps. He came by the house and left with an album. He returned it the next day. He found about 30 that he could use and left a bottle of Portuguese Port in exchange. That's my first trade of stamps for wine

    I am currently working on US Precancels but have lots of extra US and world wide covers and stamps as well as topical covers like flight covers and highway post office covers My wife collects PCS covers and has may extras.

    If you want to trade by mail mixed lots of 50 0r 100 or so precancels let me know.
  18. charlesakinney

    charlesakinney New Member

    Collecting for 52 years I never traded stamps. It reminded me of trading marbles on the way to and home from school. I guess it never satisfied me. I just buy stamps and since I started collecting again in about 2008, I have not sold any. I believe it's up to the individual how they want to manage their stamps. There is no clear cut answer. I just buy from sellers/dealers and I am satisfied.
  19. pistol

    pistol Member

    A valuable and comparable exchange would be with another rare stamp, but I prefer to sell it for money. In fact, we all collect stamps to sell them later for money, or to leave them as a legacy to our family!
  20. Richard Barnes

    Richard Barnes New Member

    I trade around the world for stamps I need. Yes I trade my duplicated for your duplicates. However, we exchange want lists so we are not getting more duplicates to sit on our stamp shelves. We select a catalogue that we both have or one party does the cataloguing for the exchange. We keep a running tab with each other using catalogue value.

    I started collecting 37 years ago. I was living in Inuvik (Canada Arctic) 3,000km from the closest stamp collector so had to establish a stamp exchange system. This does require respect and trust between people but on the whole it is working for me. Oh yes, I also make my own stamp pages and use hinges.
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