World's first stamp ever?

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    Anyone have any idea of the world's first ever made stamp, whether it is lost or how many were there in circulation? I would like to know some solid details about it. This will add to my stamp collection summary. Thanks
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    Hello SpellBound, first welcome to the forum. I did not see in any of your posts where you are from? I can see some of what you collect.

    The worlds first adhesive postage stamps were issued by Great Britain (UK) in 1840- the Penny Black and the Tuppenny Blue.
    [​IMG] upload_2017-7-27_18-59-12.png
    I have 2 Penny Blacks and 2 x 2d Blues of 1840 which are scarcer than the Blacks. I also have later 2d Blues and 70 plus Penny Reds issued from 1841 to 1879
    These images from the web. my stamps are in the UK.
    68,808,000 - 1d Blacks issued. 6th May 1840 - February 1841
    6,462,960 - 2d Blues issued 8th May 1840 - February 1841.
    21 billion 1d Reds issued between February 1841 to the end of November 1879.
    Regards, James.
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    It's an interesting thing to note there. Thanks for the info, James. When did you add that to your collection ?
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