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Discussion in 'Trades' started by Paulo Ludgero Santos, Feb 23, 2014.

  1. Hi, would you like to exchange with me? I can offer Brazzilian mint or used stamps for west europe countries, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, USA, Japan, Israel and RSA stamps. We can trade in 1x1 basys on 100-200-500-1.000 stams by letter.
    Waiting dor your answer. sincerely yours, Paulo Ludgero.
  2. hamid darestani

    hamid darestani New Member

    Dear freind

    I am serious collector , I collect mint stamp Ukraine ,Belarus ,Lithuania,Moldava ,China , Argentina , Bangladesh, Brazil and all over the world and want to exchange Iranian stamp,Iranian wwf stamp .
    I swap only unused and uncancelled stamp with original gum.
    I don't accept yellowed stamp,hinged stamps,those stamp something written stuck on the back,stamps with brown spots or finger print on the back and the stamps perforation must be totally in good condition.

    Our exchange will be done according to michel catalogue or

    My mail:
    Address: no.72 ,entrance 3 , block B5 ,shahrak farhangian ,tehranpars ,Tehran ,Iran
    Post code: 1655696119

    Hamid Reza Darestani
  3. getwu

    getwu New Member

    Hi Paulo,

    I'd like to trade with you or anyone interested.

    I am beginner, so most of my stamps are from world mixes, I only collect used. I have not organized much yet but by way of example I have uploaded some have a look.

    I am looking for postal used stamps from all over, stamps with maps in particular. Americas, W Europe, colonials, Asia, Oceania.



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  4. Hi Jim,

    Thanks for your stamps exchange propose. I accept all the stamps showed by you in exchange for Brazillian stamps. You can send me all you doubles for my collected countries and I will send you back the same quantity .


    CAIXA POSTAL 88388
  5. getwu

    getwu New Member

    Hi Paulo,

    1 Do you want extras, such as 5 of a definitive, for local trading? I could probably trade brazilian stamps.

    2 Shall we agree definitive for definitive, commemorative for commemorative.


  6. Hi Jim

    Of course, you are correct C x C and D x D stamps. I will observ this.


  7. getwu

    getwu New Member

    Hi Paulo

    Here is what I have a assembled to send, about 130 to 140 stamps about 1/2 commemorative. Sorry so slow, I need to find faster approach to sorting.

    Will mail monday.

    Take a look and let me know if there a lot you already have. Can you post a photo of what I can expect to receive back? They don't have to be all brazilian, any SA country is of interest.



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  9. Jim,

    Just send all your doubles and I will prepare a good mix on the same quantity to send you back.
    My Address:

    CAIXA POSTAL 88388
    26900-971 - BRAZIL
  10. Andrey

    Andrey New Member

    Hi Paulo

    I can offer you Russian stamps, mainly mint. If you accept them I can send you about 50 items in the first letter

    yours respectfully
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