Which country is currently making the best stamps, in your opinion?

Discussion in 'World Stamps' started by Peter T Davis, May 9, 2014.

  1. Peter T Davis

    Peter T Davis Administrator Moderator

    I'm curious to see what everyone else likes. I've only really been following my own country's stamps, but occasionally I'll notice something interesting from abroad.
  2. DonSellos

    DonSellos Moderator Moderator

    While I don't collect Swedish stamps systematically, Sweden continues to produce finely engraved stamps with amazingly sharp detail. I never fail to be impressed with the quality of Swedish stamps every time I look at one with a magnifying glass! Below is a Swedish stamp from my Aircraft on Stamps collection.


    Swedish DC-3.jpg
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  3. zararina

    zararina Simply Me! :D

    I think the US and UK are producing great stamps. I like the USPS and I like the Royal mail stamps.
  4. Hochstrasse

    Hochstrasse Moderator Moderator

    I have to give my thumbs up to the U.K., the sheetlets I've seen posted here are first rate.
  5. derailed

    derailed Active Member

    Hungary (Magyar Posta) has the best stamps I've seen by far. Their quality is really good, and most of my stamps are Hungarian.
  6. Philactica

    Philactica Active Member

    I am afraid too many Countries issuing modern stamps have latched on to produce good quality themed stamps. All Continents have Countries with very good to poor issues. Only South America has yet to impress me however there may be exceptions as I do not collect any stamps from them.

    The printed quality of the stamp of most Countries have tremendously made strides in printing technology, USA & China to name just these two. Improved technology resulted in many Countries to produce fine stamps, of course many are printed outside issuing Countries nowadays due to rising costs.

    Most Countries probably realise in the stamp producing timeline to induce the milking of collectors albeit stamps as we knew will soon be no more. :nailbiting:

    I give it another 5 years before the fincial burden of producing and distrubuting stamps is channeled to lables and parcels.:arghh:

    The saddest thing about strikking thematic stamps is the lovely killer obliterators the Post Office uses showing us collectors the punitive approach they hang on collectors yet fleece with with all tipes of issues like adhesives, booklets, FDCs:rage:

    It is Mothers Day, buy a stamp for the occasion.
  7. CalzoneManiac

    CalzoneManiac Member

    I know. Fortunately we can always collect them MNH. It's kinda funny especially when the cover gets sprayed upside-down and the stamps get no cancel.
  8. visitor

    visitor Active Member

    I'm in the U. S. , but the new stamps I've bought lately have been from the UK, their stamps are nicer than the USPS issues I've seen lately, and they still make non- peel-and-stick stamps for a lot of their collector issues.
  9. Philactica

    Philactica Active Member

    New Zealand has pretty stamps not wanting to single them out but woe,
    the cancellation is an abhorrent art. :vomit:

    I would say that nicely cancelled stamps make any used stamp collector proud,
    especially the new issues and I do not mean CTO's
  10. derailed

    derailed Active Member

    Actually I like the stamps from the U.S. more than those from the U.K. They're more interesting in my opinion, and I'm kind of upset that I don't have many U.S. stamps.
  11. Steve Robinson

    Steve Robinson Well-Known Member Supporter

    I would have to go with France
  12. zararina

    zararina Simply Me! :D

    I have seen some modern South Korean stamps recently and I would say that they are also producing great new stamps.
  13. wneva 2

    wneva 2 Member

    I am really impressed by the stamps of Austria and Sweden, and other Nordic countries - that's mainly because I'm a collector of engraved stamps.

    But even before I began looking specifically at engraved stuff, I never took much interest in UK or Commonwealth stamps - that's what most UK peeps collect. My collecting began with Newfoundland, then quickly moved to Greenland, Faroes, Iceland, Finland, France, and finally Sweden. With a brief foray to Latvia - love those map and banknote stamps - and Tristan da Cunha and Sarawak (after I'd read a book about the white rajahs in 19th cent). So yes, I did briefly dabble in a few outposts of the Commonwealth.

    But now it's Austria and Sweden, with a weather eye on the Czech republic and Slovakia.
  14. zararina

    zararina Simply Me! :D

    Yes, saw very few stamps from Sweden and think those look good.
    It will be great to see some of your collection here sometime. :)
  15. DonSellos

    DonSellos Moderator Moderator

    No doubt about it, the Czechs have produced some attractive stamps.

  16. Hhamahhth

    Hhamahhth New Member

    I echo the comments made about Swedish stamps.
    Though I live in England and always buy the comemmoratives, I prefer engraved and that's why I like Sweden so much.
  17. Hhamahhth

    Hhamahhth New Member

    Are they gummed or self adhesive though?
  18. DonSellos

    DonSellos Moderator Moderator

    Most all U.S. stamps, especially commemoratives and booklet stamps, are self-adhesive. It's possible to get moisture-activated stamps in high-volume rolls, but they are sold mostly to mass mailers and stamp dealers.

  19. Hhamahhth

    Hhamahhth New Member

    A shame and a reason not to collect them!
  20. DonSellos

    DonSellos Moderator Moderator

    Amen! I haven't collected contemporary U.S stamps since the early '90s. The majority of U.S. postal patrons love the self-adhesives though, my wife included. I buy a few current commems solely for my outgoing mail.

    It's also difficult to get them all. Most post office no longer routinely have a stock of current commems. Some offices never even order them.

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