what does it mean when a stamp has a misprint?

Discussion in 'Stamp Chat' started by Phaik Hooi, Nov 25, 2017.

  1. Phaik Hooi

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  2. Werner Salentin

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    The scan does not show the nature of the dot on the D.If it is
    ink from the printing process it is likely accidental.If it is caused
    by faulty plate,(specialized catalogues will have listed),it might
    be a nice find.
    If it is however a dot of cancel-ink,it would be just a blemish.
    Having said that,the severe perforation fault on the upper right
    and possibly on the left side as well,makes the stamp rather
  3. Jacques-Cartier-approaching-Land.jpg

    for comparison reasons I post the original one, on yours seems to be an error but as Werner said it needed further study in order to be sure for the condition of the stamp
  4. Phaik Hooi

    Phaik Hooi Member

    thank you for your comments.

    just wanted to know why it was so. i am not a stamp collector but i am trying to date the stamps of my grandfather's collection. i am certain most of his stamps are worthless :happy::happy:

    interesting triangular dot of ink though :hilarious::hilarious:
  5. none of the stamps are worthless, apart to moneynote stamp is the only one paper that have a face value.

    I suggest you to short you collection in https://colnect.com/en/stamps
    and if you follow instructions you'll realise which one is valuable and which not.

    good luck

  6. Phaik Hooi

    Phaik Hooi Member

    thanks takis

    when you say short my collection, does this mean i should join and post all the stamps i have for them to review or do you mean that i should look through their catalogue? i am having a lot of problems with shifting through catalogue because i am so not familiar with the terms for searching and so i actually check every page, very time consuming :hilarious::hilarious: so i actually had quite a good time with the specialised subject threads ... really helped me a lot with dates of issue :happy::happy:
  7. Hi Phaik

    simply you should subscribe (appx 80 USD annualy) and thence post all your stamps according to trheir listed ones, and in addition you can declare the condition of the stamp in the cells. actually mostly you have a fuul image what you carry and secondly you are in connection with all collectors/subscribers.

    cheers Takis
  8. Phaik Hooi

    Phaik Hooi Member

    thank you for the explanation :)
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