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Discussion in 'Announcements & Rules' started by Peter T Davis, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Abominov

    Abominov New Member

    I just want to point out to you Mr. Robinson, that mob rule is a consequence of having no rules posted. You cannot run a club and say that anything goes, you will end up with anarchy every time. As for it being a 'work in progress' how long is that supposed to take? If you need help, call on the membership, that is how democratic clubs run, ask what people want, otherwise the 'jobs for the boys club' will remain a very amateurish outfit for ever.
    You have been placed in an impossible situation, asked to moderate where no guidelines exist, no wonder you are being perceived as dictatorial. Imagine being one of the new members, being told that is againt what moderator Robinson judges to be inappropriate, because he says so, but cannot qualify it by reference to any set of rules??!!!!
  2. Steve Robinson

    Steve Robinson Well-Known Member Supporter

    Well that says a lot for those who are taking part in the mob rule dont it LOL

    I have repeatedly stated that Peter will post the rules when he has the time (he has a life outside of the forum you know :) but no one wants to take this at face value NOO instead they all prefer to clamour for rules

    This by the way is not a democracy it is Peters place he pays the bills

    Now if people can not take been told that something is wrong that I am sorry to say is a sad reflection upon themselfs

    I wonder if they have sets of rules at home that are written down or do they simply try to behave in a responsible manner?

    As for it remaining a "amateurish outfit for ever" I assume that you have never visited any of our sister forums :D

    Strange is it not how this lack of rules seems only to challenge these who have just joined in the past few weeks while those who have been here slightly longer seem to have no problem with it! (it is after all a fairly new forum)

    So they want to call me Dictator Robinson (I have to admit it has a certain ring to it LOL)

    Bottom line is if they do not like how the forum is run and can not wait for the rules to be posted then do not post here, They are under no obligation to do so nor am I under any obligation to sit back and allow them to challenge what I do that is Peters perogative (complain to him by all means and if he wishes to replace me with one of the new intake again it is his perogative) I do not get paid for this LOL
  3. Abominov

    Abominov New Member

    So he is running a little dictatorship because it is his site!!!. Does he know you say this about him? Maybe he gave you the job 'because' you are not paid? That puts you in a worse postion than the rest of us ha ha ha.
    As for the club before the new influx, it was a little dull, debate is great for getting the juices going.
    You should be pleased the pages have livened up a bit. or did you want a club filled with dull 'yes boys'.
    What sister clubs by the way, was not two dull yes clubs enough?
    You say you cannot stand challenge, why not?
    Come on, park your egos and enjoy :cool:
  4. Abominov

    Abominov New Member

    By the way, if I decide to close my account and I am not saying I want to yet, how do I do it, or is it against Peter's rules that as yet do not exist?
    Are we allowed to make that choice, or are we stuck in here for ever ha ha ha ha.
    Also why get annoyed at someone for breaking the rules, when there are not any? ha ha ha
  5. Steve Robinson

    Steve Robinson Well-Known Member Supporter

    LOL again soo funny insults in return for a polite response and as you seem to think the sites are dull then I wont waste your time by giving you the details of the others
    If you want to close your account simply leave no one forced you to join did they
  6. tantrumstamp

    tantrumstamp New Member

    Do not let the young guns wind you up so much SR, they are only teasing.
  7. Steve Robinson

    Steve Robinson Well-Known Member Supporter

    Who's getting wound up? not me I just can not believe how immature they are, they expect to be taken seriously then do nothing but throw insults at not only me but the owner of the site and the site itself! LOL
  8. Sam B

    Sam B Active Member

    I just wish everyone would spend more time posting on the forum about STAMPS instead of rules and their opinion on non-stamp related topics. I get tired of seeing a bunch of new posts everyday only to find out they are not about "stamp exchange".
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  9. black

    black New Member

    Stamp related is good
  10. Lady_Asana

    Lady_Asana New Member

    [laughing!!...gosh, I did not know my enquiry would spark such a reply?!]
    Yes Steve; I do indeed understand 'asking for the info'.
    I simply did not understand how your statement......
    "Perhaps if you were to give a bit more info then you woudnt have such problems :D"
    .....would solve tantrumstamp's concern about another member [who has plainly been an annoyance].
    Never mind however.....I do not wish to join the group of annoying individuals thanks :eek:)
  11. Peter T Davis

    Peter T Davis Administrator Moderator

    BTW, if Steve bans anyone for being a nuisance, and I look at that person's history of posting here and find that the majority of your posts were to this thread complaining, or in other threads complaining about nonsensical issues, then I'll just wonder why you were even participating here in the first place.
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  12. Harry Golightly

    Harry Golightly NonHinged

    Couldn't agree more, Steve. Keep up the good work!
  13. Duke Arbinthrope

    Duke Arbinthrope New Member

    Joined yesterday and love it, members are so friendly, thanks for a great site.
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  14. shehasnoname

    shehasnoname New Member

    Takes a while to learn, but once it clicks it seems good.
  15. Duke Arbinthrope

    Duke Arbinthrope New Member

    could not agree more
  16. Duke Arbinthrope

    Duke Arbinthrope New Member

    Thank you for your decision about allowing one or two other interests to creep into the general area. Please do not get annoyed if some of us like to discuss our other interests in addition to stamp collecting. We are wanting to generate a general interest in the club. I tried to suggest that comics be also considered and the response was very autocratic, how do you feel about this Mr. Davis?
  17. Steve Robinson

    Steve Robinson Well-Known Member Supporter

    Yep I told you to post in the General forum :D sort of like the response you got from Peter when you asked about it in another thread, just in case you forgot his response here it is again LOL

    We have the General Discussion section which is more relaxed about the topic of conversation. I've never been a big fan of creating many new sections, as it just tends to fracture the community rather than foster it. My general philosophy on creating new sections is to do it when specific topics are overwhelming other sections.
  18. white dagger

    white dagger New Member

    Who is the actual owner of the site? I just wanted to thank him it looks fun, can couples join, my girlfriend is into stamps too since she met me?
  19. white dagger

    white dagger New Member

    Is there an age restriction too because my nephew who is 9 would love to join this club.
  20. Duke Arbinthrope

    Duke Arbinthrope New Member

    a family section would be nice
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