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Discussion in 'United States Stamps' started by DonSellos, Oct 31, 2018.

  1. DonSellos

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    Sad news for those of us who use or have used Washington Press products and supplies. My first album and binder was White Ace commemoratives. I still have it 54 years later and still use some White Ace blank pages. It's conceivable that someone may buy the rights to continue producing White Ace products, but there is a lot of completion.

    Here is a link to the announcement: https://www.washpress.com/

    My current use of White Ace pages is for my Aircraft on Stamps collection. Once I use up my remaining stock of blank pages, I'll either have to replace them on the secondary market (eBay, stamp shows) or switch to another page. Right now my thinking is to buy some quality card stock pages and make my own.

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  2. Molokai

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    "And so it goes.." As Linda Ellerbee would say. They had a long and very successful run, it seems. Are they selling blank pages at 50% off? Might be the time and place to stock up on them?

    You are quite a do-it-yourself-er, Mr. Stamp. I suppose if I had your artistic talents, I would be, also.
  3. DonSellos

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    I don't know about the reduced price on pages. In any case, wisdom would be to buy a few packages now, but those pages are a little pricey, and it is difficult to get the spacing right when printing the stamp frames & descriptions on them. I frequently ruin one or two in the process. Also, card stock weight pages are hard on my cheap printer. Truth be known, I would like to get away from using them, but changing page design does interrupt the continuity of an album. Maybe I'll just go to a quality cotton content, acid free bond paper and forget about design continuity.

  4. Hochstrasse

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    That's sad news Don. I have a White Ace U.S. Airmail album that I always regarded highly, especially the thick bond of the album page which almost resembled folder stock. It's the end of an era I believe. Some of today's collectors do not place great value in accessories, completeness or presentation and thematic collecting, which is in the upswing, never really got much support from philatelic supply companies. Hopefully you are right and some other company will buy the rights to White Ace.
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