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    Rutherford B. Hayes, our 19th President, rose from volunteer to the rank of major general in the U.S. civil war. He was wounded at least four times and had four horses shot from under him. Ulysses S. Grant later wrote of Hayes, "his conduct on the field was marked by conspicuous gallantry as well as the display of qualities of a higher order than that of mere personal daring."

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    Hi Makanudo, our highest mountain in Australia is Mt Kosciusko, named by a Polish explorer Count Strzelecki in 1823. His party explored the south east of Australia, and when they came upon the mountain (in the now the Great Dividing Range and the Snowy Mountains), Strzelecki was anxious to divine the course of the range and its elevations. Crossing difficult terrain, creeks and rivers, he found himself at an elevation of 6510 feet above sea level. He wrote, "The particular configuration of this eminence struck me so forcibly by its similarity to a mound elevated in Cracow over the tomb of the patriot Kosciuszko, that although on a foreign country, on foreign ground, but amongst a free people. I could not refrain from giving it the name of Mt Kosciuszko."
    Strzelecki himself, a great explorer and geologist, was also honoured both here in Australia and in Poland - the Strzelecki Ranges south of the Great Dividing Range are so named.
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    Wikipedia writes about Hayes,that he was gallant and popular with his soldiers,but not much gifted as a military leader.
    Understandable,because he had to learn the "art of war" by doing and
    never held an real important command.
    I did not know much about the president Hayes,except that a
    departemento in Paraguay,where I have lived for twelve years,is
    named after him.Also the capital of the departemento "Presidente
    Hayes" (pronounced "Hajes" in Paraguay) is named "Villa Hayes".
    It is because Hayes settled a territorial dispute between Argentina
    and Paraguay after the "Triple-Alliance-War",what alloted the
    territory to Paraguay.
    Presidente Hayes is the third largest departemento of Paraguay.
    However it is very thinly populated.On an aera about the size
    of Ireland live about 100.000 people.
    Hayes is highly esteemed in Paraguay.
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