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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Jerry Genesio, Nov 30, 2015.

  1. Jerry Genesio

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    I am a retired historian now living with my wife, Lorraine, in Scarborough, Maine, where I spend most of my time occupied with research and writing in the fields of early American and natural history. In the 1980s, following an address I delivered at the United Nations in New York City, I was invited to speak in several European countries including England, Switzerland, West and East Germany. In the town of Frankfurt-on-Oder in East Germany, I was given a gift consisting of 100 USSR postage stamps focusing exclusively on world peace and friendship. I would like to determine if this collection should be appraised.
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    The USSR Peace & Friendship booklet/album was issued in Moscow in 1995. In and of itself it is not particularly valuable enough to warrant an appraisal. Perhaps in conjunction with personal programs, letters and correspondence with the U.N. it might fetch more. I have to ask whether the booklet looks like the cover in the link that I found online? There are images of the stamps on the link.

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  3. Jerry Genesio

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    Yes, the booklet looks exactly like this image, but it had to have been issued prior to 1995 because it was presented to me in September of 1989.

    Thank you for your response. It has no relative documents or correspondence, UN-related or otherwise, so I'm assuming it has little value beyond the nostalgic.
  4. SATX Collector

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    Hello Jerry and welcome to the forums.

    I also have a large holding of the former USSR stamps and I would HIGHLY recommend you determine the value. The method to do so may be varied, depending on your drive to determine 'actual value' versus 'collector value'.

    My collection started as advertised "the last 25 years of the Soviet Union..." and I have built on that since I acquired the series in the last few years. As in all collections, a complete series or 'year set' is highly desirable, therefore I would recommend to determine if that is the case with your inventory.

    My second attention would be to see if I have different series of USSR stamps: a year set, a topical set, etc. You can determine this through the many catalogues that are available: Scott, Michel, Stanley Gibbons, among others.

    Once you determine a tentative value of the stamps, you need to find out what an appraisal will cost: is it more than the stamps are worth? Another way of finding out value is to "advertise" the series on eBay, StampWants, or other just to see what interest you generate...

    Hope that helps...
  5. Jerry Genesio

    Jerry Genesio New Member

    Thank you SATX. I have an eBay account and I'll see if I can generate some interest. I'll also check out StampWants.

    I appreciate your response. Most helpful.......
  6. tasha

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    I love these stories and finding out that people from all over the world have so many unusual and unique collections. It is amazing that we have this platform to share it and see what actually went and is going on in our world.
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