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    Hi all! I have these 63's here. As I was looking them over, I noticed that there seems to be a bump in the "U" at the bottom left. Out of the 8 stamps in the pic, there are 2 stamps that appear to have this bump (middle stamp in top row and far left stamp in middle row). Am I just seeing things or is this some kind of a variety? If you know where I could possibly check for info on this, it would be appreciated. I thank you in advance. 63's revisited.jpg
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    Hi Baker J,
    There isn't a variety recognized by Scott other than the color varieties, but the SwedishTiger site does talk about a faint double impression that is visible in the bottom left "U". Scott does list a separate price for a double transfer. That does kind of match what I'm seeing in your scan.
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    Awesome! Thank you kindly! I appreciate your help.
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