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    That country continues to suffer with the Russian establishment... not to say they are NOT Russians in Ukraine.... it's just that Putin wants all those democratic states back to his realm ! UGH !
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    It´s a pretty simplistic way to look at Ukrainian/Russian conflict !
    The Crimea f.i. was only given to the Ukraine in 1954.In a time,
    when this meant nearly nothing at all.The majority of the Crimea-population are Russians.So it is understandable,when Russia took back the Crimea,although it should have happened in a different
    In the east of the Ukraine there is a big Russian minority.Many of
    them welcome Russia´s intervention.
    20% of Ukraine´s population are Russians.And they have good
    reasons to consider themselves as second-class citizens.
    So it is a little bit more complicated,than here the good democratic Ukraine and there the bad brutal Russia of Putin !
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    I live in Ukraine most of the time. My wife is Ukrainian. The vast majority of Ukrainians want a free and Independent life and suffer the influence of Russia on a daily basis.
    As for minorities. How many Latin and Mexicans in the US. So to follow the logic above perhaps move the Border Wall a little to the North and give some of Texas and New Mexico to Mexico?
    Perhaps just give up the East of Estonia, some of Poland to Putin?
    Be careful there are not a few towns and cities in the UK that have a Russian minority. Mr Putin might start to take an interest in them too!
    Sorry to get political on this forum, but people who are prepared to give in to bullies like Hitler and Putin should be spoken against any time and any place.
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