Ugly Side of Buying Stamps Online

Discussion in 'Stamp Chat' started by domaintalk, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. domaintalk

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    so i have to be 100% honest here and say that so far (up to this moment) i have not had any bad experiences buying stamps online. from time to time i kick myself after realizing i may have paid more than i should have but this has never been the fault of the dealer. just my over eagerness....

    but i do want to hear what other may have experienced as it may be a valuable lesson to the rest of us and a good way to share what could (should) be watched out for..

    example i NEVER buy from a listing that does not have a scan of the stamp unless its a kiloware or bulk lot. in this case i expect some damage, duplication etc.. other wise NEVER.... so far it has not disappointed me in any way.
  2. zararina

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    I have not tried buying online but I think one way to ensure that you will get what you bought online is by being careful whom to dealt with.
    Buy to those who have lots of reviews and customers already. A referral from someone you know and trust is a good way to find great sellers too.
  3. Hochstrasse

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    I have made some very good buys online, but I agree that actually viewing something and having access to reference materials is a better way to make an informed purchase. I have made some very nice buys through some mail auctions that advertise in the classifieds in Linn's Stamps News also. Caveat emptor is always good advice.
  4. ScandinavianStamps

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    I have pretty much only had positive experiences in buying stamps online. The only "dubious" experience came when buying a couple of items from a large well-established dealer who refunded my money, citing that he "couldn't find" the stamps I'd bought.

    A little research, and I concluded that the issue was that he had his inventory listed on about six different sites, and probably sold the stamps on one site, and forgot to remove those stamps from the site where I made my purchase. It's one of the pitfalls of buying from sites that allow sellers to "bulk upload" their existing eBay listings... you REALLY have to be on your toes to get sold listings removed on ALL your sites... and most people fail in that respect.

    Of course, nothing was actually LOST... it was just annoying. And unprofessional, in my opinion... I've run several small businesses, and you just don't ALLOW stuff like that to happen.

    Just my $0.02 worth,
  5. desertgem

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    Along these lines:

    To understand how dealers sell, each of us must realize what type of buyer we are. These are generalities,

    1.New collectors with a lot of spaces to fill, so just important that the stamp fills a space. Need tongs, catalog, perf measuring device and magnifier.

    2. More experienced that are by now looking for certain stamps as the easy ones have been filled. Need above plus watermark detector, more reference books

    3. Looking for certain stamps, but now with certain minimum requirements, such as no damage, but can be smudged marked, hinge remnant, etc Need above plus UV light and more reference material

    4. More advanced looking for above with better post mark or mint, lesser hinge remnant or unhinged, VG ~not part in perfs, fair color~ not bleached, etc. Need above plus color gauge/comparator

    5. Very advanced, looking for certain stamps, may be specialized as to country, type, time period, etc. well centered, varieties are important, may only buy a couple of stamps a year, but are usually scarce due to time you have been looking. Price is limitation, but condition is more important. Have more reference books than albums. Need above plus maybe better magnifier, different X, or stereo microscope for the hidden marks, etc. especially for old eyes like mine :)

    So if you are bidding on kilo groups, the dealer expects a type 1 collector; buying in albums or collection of 1 country pages type 2 ; buying individual stamps, type 3 or 4 Buying stamps only well described and many detailed photos and good feedback, good return policy, not afraid to miss out on buying if uncertain, give up 3 months of random buying to use allowance on an important stamp.

    If you only buy certified or stamp auction houses or after careful examination in hand, you are probably a 5. I think I am about a 4 :)

    p.s. remember "Generalities"
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