U.S. Postal History

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    During my active Flea Market Buying/Selling days I purchased several original Kodak boxes of exposed 4x5" Glass Negatives. They all depicted rural life in the early 20th Century. (Approx. 1895-1919)
    Having taught photography and being an active photographer I naturally printed & toned a majority of these negatives (via contact print) before selling the lot on eBay. The only glass negative I saved was this one showing early rural U.S. mail delivery.
    Hope some of you enjoy looking back at how it use to be.
    Harry originalcrop1.JPG
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    Great photo! I used to live in the country during the 1940s. I was about the age of those two kids in your photo. The rural carriers didn't use horse-drawn buggies then, but we still watched to see him go by and if he stopped at our box it was my job to run out and get the mail. Mail was important then and having it delivered was a high point of the day.

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  3. H. G. Golightly

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    Glad you enjoyed the old pic.
    I've noticed, that curiously, as we grow older the daily Mail Delivery becomes more important year after year..LOL!
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