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    Between 1939 and 1941, the US Post Office Department sponsored a special truck that traveled around the country carrying a philatelic exhibit. It carried a three-man crew and offered philatelic souvenirs to the public visiting the display.

    Souvenir items included the Philatelic Truck souvenir sheet, which was given away free and an introductory book on stamp collecting for youngsters that cost 10ยข. About 500,000 of the souvenir sheets were produced, 300,000 of them without gum. There was also a special cachet applied to covers mailed aboard the truck.

    Visitors entered by rear doors and left by the side door. There were display cases containing dies and plates used to produce US stamp as well as an exhibition of die proofs.

    The truck was in California when the US entered World War II, and the tour was discontinued. The truck is believed to have ended its days in San Francisco, where Ralph A. Davis the clerk-in-charge, last saw it rusting away in storage.

    During its brief life, the exhibit traveled about 20,000 miles and visited many parts of the country. It would stop in a town for a day, and if it was parked in a prominent spot, as many as 800 people might visit it.
    The most visitors came during a Labor Day weekend in Pittsburgh, PA., when about 5,000 people saw the display, while the truck was parked at the city's fairgrounds.

    Here is one of the souvenirs they gave out.
    View attachment 2058

    Here's a picture of the truck in front of the White House.

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    Interesting little snippet, kacyds.

    Do you know what the purpose was of this Tour apart from intoducing stamps yo youngster.

    It was a magnanimous gesture funded by the State. I have heard of no other Country doing that for philately in that particular way.

    Had more of that been going around in other Countries we may have had a larger following today.
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    At the time, our President was big into stamps, so maybe it was his way to promote the hobby. Here is an article about him.

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    A great link on the great President, now we know a little more about the background that resulted in the sponsored PO Truck, thank you.
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    You welcome, glad that you enjoyed it.
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    These are neat! I've seen these before and actually there were quite a few different souvenir sheets I believe and people actually specialize in these. Very very cool and thank you for showing it!
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    This is the perfect segue to share this stamp. This is Brazil Sc. C76...beautifully engraved stamp commemorating FDR. It was in the first of 2 Brazil collections I bought recently and is part of a larger souvenir sheet. I'm thinking about changing my avatar to this stamp but have been afraid you all wouldn't know me...I do love my machins after all...
    View attachment 2073
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    Who are you???? lol That is a super stamp. I love it.
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    Do it Darrin! It's beautifully engraved!
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    Done! Goodbye, Liz!
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    Sweet!~ :D
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