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    I began studying and collecting these this past summer. Of course, my first step was to compile a resource list and learn as much as possible about them. FTR, I’ve offered my list below. I currently have about two-thirds of the items, having scoured the online libraries of the APS, USCPS or USStamps and Google to a depth of 15 pages.

    N & Ps are not to be confused with revenue stamps. They were used for bulk mailing of newspapers and periodicals from 1865 to 1 July 1898 interspersed with reprints, specimen and special printings. There were three core series' of them - 1865, 1875 and 1895.

    During the relatively short life of the 1865 series, the stamps were affixed to the actual bundles of newspapers or periodicals. Since the packaging was almost always discarded, used copies are quite rare. From 1875 onwards, it worked like this: Material was presented at the post office and weighed. The postmaster calculated the cost and took the necessary stamps from his stock. These were paid for by the publisher (or, whoever brought the material to the post office). The stamps were affixed in a receipt book with the details of the transaction, then cancelled. These receipt books were then sent to Washington for verification. Often the costs were incorrectly calculated :rolleyes: by the postmaster and Washington requested further payment. Said requests occasionally went unfulfilled.

    Since N & P stamps went to very high dollar values and generally were not for sale to the public, there were quite a few facsimiles and forgeries. The late Frank Braceland, Jr, the most respected authority along with Doc Pepper and William Mooz, estimated there were more fakes in circulation than legitimate N & Ps. Yikes!

    Facsimiles were offered to the collecting public by private printers. There are marked facsimiles from Germany, France and Italy. Some of the better German ones would be difficult to distinguish from the real deal if not for the marking. The early Senf facsimiles, especially, are very difficult to distinguish from the actual stamps, save for the small 'falsch' printed on them. Another well-known facsimile printing is the 'Lichtdruck' issues. On the flipside some of them are so gosh-awful they would fool no one with or without a marking! One could easily make a speciality of facsimile Newspaper and Periodical stamps!

    The stamps generally were not offered to the public except with two 'reprint' issues - the early ones at face value which were difficult to afford and the later ones of the 1895 issue which, in George Sloane's opinion, are indistinguishable from the actual stamps. There are two of these records showing only two copies each sold. Sloane also contended the N & Ps were the most difficult of all United States stamps. IMHO, they may well be, in competition with the Washington-Franklins!

    It is quite a fascinating field with forgeries, facsimiles, proofs, reprints, plate varieties, colour variations, papers, specimens, overprints and even, as Mooz has proffered - precancels. The stamps are large relative to postage stamps (the first series are literally 2 x 4) and real miniature works of art! Many of the colours are not found on standard U.S. postage stamps. Not to mention the minefield of fakes out there.

    Mr Braceland did a long series in the U.S. Specialist from 1966-1974, Richard Whitesell's book is a compilation of articles on the subject. (This is a book I would very much like to find!) and more recently Doc M. Pepper penned an excellent series of four books on them - Regulars, Proofs, Facsimiles, Forgeries. W.E. Mooz has written several articles on them for both American Philatelist and the Classics Chronicle.

    There have been several outstanding collections over the years. Mr Braceland's collection was sold in 1998 by the late Bill Weiss. The catalogue is quite a good resource and a big 'thank you' to his daughter, Lori, for providing me with a copy. Other top N & P auctions were the Warm Griffith, Schwenk, Whitepain, Collier, Inman, Mainberger and Jim Kotanchik collections.

    Other countries also had newspaper stamps; perhaps someone will check in with information about those?

    (Image 2 is from The Chronicle of U.S. Classic Postal Issues, v65, #4, Newspaper and Periodical Stamps: Canceled, Uncancelled and Unused by William E. Mooz)

    Newspaper & Periodical Stamps - References & Resources

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    Apfelbaum #295 – Ward Collection (80 NP lots)

    Christies Robson Lowe – Lynne Warm Griffiths Collections (Dec 14, 1990)

    Kelleher – 2-March 1974 – Lawrence S Fisher, et al

    Kelleher - 21-23 February 2017

    Matthew Bennett – Jim Kotanchik Collection #271

    Schuyler Rumsey #19


    Siegel #408 (pdf)


    Siegel – Joseph N. Schneider (#494, June 23-25 1976) (pdf)


    Siegel #625 (pdf)


    Siegel #652 (pdf)


    Siegel #676 (pdf)


    Siegel – Cole Collection #693


    Siegel – Estate of Carl Mainberger-The Lake Shore Collection 905 (pdf)


    Siegel #977 - The Whitpain Collection


    Siegel #1075 - Rarities of the World https://siegelauctions.com/lots.php?year=2014&lot_name=Newspapers and Periodicals&start_lot=1192&stop_lot=1195&sale_name=2014 Rarities of the World&sale_no=1075&sale_date=Thursday, June 26, 2014

    Siegel – George A Schwenk Collection of Newspapers & Periodicals #1079 (pdf)


    Siegel #1094


    Siegel –#1151 The Grant Inman Collection (Lots 1234-1290)


    Siegel 1180 - David Wingate Collection

    https://siegelauctions.com/lots.php?year=2018&lot_name=Newspapers and Periodicals&start_lot=435&stop_lot=458&sale_name=The David Wingate Collection of United States Stamps&sale_no=1180&sale_date=Wednesday thru Thursday, April 11-12, 2018

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    Weiss Auctions February 15, 2003 #147 - - Braceland Collection

























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    http://micronesia.csu.edu.au -

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