'Tis almost the season. Let's post some Christmas covers, post cards, or ephemera.

Discussion in 'Stamp Chat' started by DonSellos, Dec 2, 2019.

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    Yes, blame the devil! He takes the hit for everything. :bucktooth:
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    Alive and well !
    However I have problems in deciphring that kind of handscript.The "Führer" had ordered early in the war,that the that german "Suetterli-script" was to be replaced
    by the "Latin-script".By that the defeated enemies should have less problems to read the orders of the victors after the war.
    With that he was right,as he nearly always was,except for the fact,that it was not Germany,who won !
    But anyway,because of that,in my school-time in the 50th´s,I never learned
    To the card:
    The first part reads as standard seasonal greetings form Clara (?) to Wanda and
    her "dear" Claus.
    The second part looks more interesting,but also less legible.
    I think Clara asks,wether Claus is still with her.What could only mean,wether or
    not Claus had yet been conscripted and sent to the front.
    But that is more my guess,than a translation.
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    Hi @Werner:

    Many thanks for your translation efforts. What you were able to provide is more than what I had. Much appreciated.

    Good to see you back on the Exchange!

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    Here is another Christmas post card out of my shoe box collection, posted in Rutherford, NJ, on Dec 24th, 1910.


    b123.jpg b124.jpg
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  5. DonSellos

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    This card is out of the garage sale post card collection. It is from Lena's sister Lulu, who, with her husband, were visiting in the Pacific Northwest, including Montana. Looks like they may have crossed the line into Canada to visit someone there. I wish the cancel had been better struck. Posted somewhere in Saskatchewan, maybe ?? A somewhat different Christmas scene too. Perhaps, the flowers are supposed to be poinsettias.

    b139.jpg b140.jpg
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  6. DonSellos

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    Another card from the garage sale collection and, again, another with a faulty cancel, but posted in Kansas on December 23. It looks like the year slug was left out of the cancel?? The sender Vessie? tells of a ride on a sleigh around the school house that kids gave her which suggest to me that she was a teacher, probably in a rural school.


    b143.jpg b144.jpg
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