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Discussion in 'United States Stamps' started by RichardBabcock, Sep 1, 2020.

  1. RichardBabcock

    RichardBabcock Well-Known Member

    Scott 231 broken hat with broken frame line. You get to see it here first ever. Books written on S 003.jpg cott 231 have said that the broken hat and broken frame line have never been found to gather. Until this one.
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  2. Terry Wicks

    Terry Wicks Member

    Congratulations on your find. All your hard work seems to have paid off. Could you share the story? If you and the moderators do not mind. I would love to hear it. I am a novice collector and like to learn new aspects of the hobby.
  3. RichardBabcock

    RichardBabcock Well-Known Member

    Well Terry I'm still learning as well.Ill send the odd find into have The APS or PSE experts decide on it., The Colombian Scott 231 is new to me and i have a lot to learn about it.If you are new use this online sight to help you identifier U.S. stamp-s I use it all the time and the owner is a PSE expert and will take time to message you back and even permently post some of your finds if They interest him. I have two posted so far and will have a third soon. I will send this one into APS soon. I use to be part of an amazing Philatelic expert online sight, It is called Richard Frajolas Philatelic Expert sight. If you gat a chance join them you will learn a lot. They have pacific rules though you must contribute your knowledge as an expert or risk being removed. I ran out of use so I have been removed. Al though I found records of a ship from 1702 that they never knew existed. Welcome to our club, And enjoy collecting like i do.
  4. RichardBabcock

    RichardBabcock Well-Known Member

    found another one today but a different plate type. So out of 7 thousand 231s. I have fount two of these.
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