The thin green line, brown, violet and other issues

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  1. Algernon

    Algernon New Member

    Hello friends

    I have some stamps that cause me problems to classify them:

    The first is the well-known Franklin 1 u$ s with perforation 12 (Scott 423) which brings me a problem: its not this perforated left side and has a thin line Brown of the same colour as the general impression of the seal.

    The second is the more common even 1 cent with drilling 10 Washington (may be Scott 544 or 545 or none of them) but what most strikes me is that - as well as the Franklin 1 u$ previous s - this without making holes in the left side and also has a thin line color (green in this case).

    The third case is the Franklin 1 cent (Scott 300) this non-perforated at the top and there is a very thin green line-

    Finally the Franklin 50 cts in the same broadcast that the 1 u$ s this imperforate on his side's top com a very thin line of his own violet-

    To complete the Niagara Falls (Scott 568), the stamp is completely off center and has down drilling 10 (it is difficult to measure in the conditions found)-

    I apologize for these problems beginner and as always for my very bad English.


  2. Hochstrasse

    Hochstrasse Moderator Moderator

    Hi Algernon, your 3 Washington/Franklin stamps are either margin copies or booklet stamps. This is what a straight edge usually indicates. The extra lines on some of the stamps are marginal markings. I suggest you peruse this helpful link:
    This same criterion holds true for your Scott 300.
    The Niagara Falls is either one of 2 stamps depending on the perf. measurement. It is sometimes difficult to measure the perfs when many of the round pieces still remain on the stamp. I'm sure if you are careful and have a good measuring device you will be able to tell the difference.
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  3. Werner Salentin

    Werner Salentin Well-Known Member

    The edges of the sheets of many US stamps remained imperforated.
    Where there were also booklets issued,it is not possible to
    distinguish single part imperforated booklet stamps from marginal
    sheet stamps.
    The 25 C. should not exist perf.10.Are you sure about your measurement ?
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  4. Molokai

    Molokai Moderator Moderator

    Perfs on early U.S. stamps can be tricky...I use the Sonic Multigauge. A bit pricey but worth it to me.
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  5. Algernon

    Algernon New Member

    Hello Hochstrasse

    Thank you much your orientation on the marginal-markings
    really ignored the mechanism of the booklets of stamps.

    A question Hochstrasse: the marginal markings or edges imperforate stamps are added to a collection or they are discarded?. -

    About the stamp of Niagara Falls of 25 just like you say small waste separation is which prevent me to correctly measure the perforation, try to remove them carefully.

    Thank you again
  6. Algernon

    Algernon New Member

    Hello Werner

    Thank you very much for the information, I have many USA stamps with imperforate edges that confirm what you say; my concern was about the thin lines of colour at the edges imperforate-

    Like you say almost all series of 1922/25 are drilling 11 but according to Scott there is an exception precisely in the Niagara Falls of 25 cts that in a Variant (568c) can have the top or bottom edge with drilling 10.-

    With the tips given to me I'll try to measure it correctly.-

  7. Algernon

    Algernon New Member

    Hello Molokai

    Yes, it is indeed very difficult to measure in these circumstances, my "odontometro" think is Rowland Hill era:)
  8. Hochstrasse

    Hochstrasse Moderator Moderator

    Hi Algernon,
    I have many stamps with a straight edge. There is no reason to discard them. They are perhaps less desirable to some collectors, but I have no problem with them as long as they are genuine edges. I have also done what you suggested in your reply. I have carefully used tweezers to remove the occasional incomplete cut in the perforation. The odd perforation 10 you describe is one that is of a considerably higher value and wouldn't normally be seen outside of an auction house.
  9. Algernon

    Algernon New Member

    Hi Hochstrasse

    Once more I appreciate your opinions and advice.

    With respect to the stamps of straights edges was thinking in organizing a "varieties" album to be included there because if they go along with the normal complicated basic series and they disfigure the general collection.

    As I do with the precancelados stamps.

    In a collection, it is also important to the aesthetics of the presentation I think.

    Finally (very carefully) I could clean the bottom edge of the niagara falls of 25 cts-techiques and confirm that their drilling is 11.

    The mystery has been unveiled and although I became disillusioned I understand that it is better to be safe and serious than happy doubting.

    Once more sorry by my poor english.

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