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Discussion in 'Stamp Chat' started by Jay, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. Tersuss

    Tersuss Active Member

    Thank you for the list of tools, I have the tweezers and I have the magnifier but I didn't know about the rest, is there a certain amount of the fluid that I should use, how much is too much?
  2. Hochstrasse

    Hochstrasse Moderator Moderator

    I usually try the minimum amount of fluid to detect a watermark. Getting the back of the stamp "wet" is all you need. If there is excess fluid in the black dish that is way too much. Stamp tongs should be flat as to not damage a stamp, ordinary tweezers should be avoided as they could damage a stamp. The perforation gauge is an absolute essential tool.
  3. Tersuss

    Tersuss Active Member

    Oh right, fair enough thank you very much for that nugget on information, what is a perforation gauge exactly, what task does it complete.
  4. stampdad

    stampdad Member

    A USB MICROSCOPE! Has to be the best investment I've made in a long time. 35$ on e-bay . Please believe me once you plug that baby in ,you can feel your eye strain go away.
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  5. Hochstrasse

    Hochstrasse Moderator Moderator

    A perforation gauge tells a person the size of the spacing on the edge of stamps where they are separated from each other. It is in essence of measure of the number of holes that were cut between the stamps in order to be able to tear them apart. It is absolutely essential in differentiating stamps with the same design from each other as in the Washington/Franklin series of U.S. philately. Here is a link to a hobby site that has several different types with picture.
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  6. Tersuss

    Tersuss Active Member

    I just looked at the link you posted, that is some pretty detailed information, thank you very much for posting that up for me. :)
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  7. zararina

    zararina Simply Me! :D

    Nice stamp gadget. :)

    Also welcome to the forum Stampdad. Hope to know more about your stamp collection and preferences around. :)
  8. Tersuss

    Tersuss Active Member

    That sounds like a very interesting piece of tech, I will be looking to see if they have any more on ebay.
  9. Amir King

    Amir King Member

    Wow! I never knew there was so much equipment available especially for stamp collecting. Maybe I will start investing in some of this equipment and start a catalogue. I am interested in buying and selling for profit, I will read some articles about how to do this. Maybe I can buy them wholesale and sell on ebay...any suggestions anyone?
  10. zararina

    zararina Simply Me! :D

    I am not a stamp seller but I think buying stamps on bulk could be a good idea especially if you can find a "jewel" on those bulks and sell those per piece. :D
  11. Bryan Cassidy

    Bryan Cassidy New Member

    I'm really new to this so I'm pretty ignorant but I'm wondering whether stamps can be stored at room temperature or not. I have a cigar humidor that keeps my cigars fresh when I have them that I could put my stamps in if that works.
  12. zararina

    zararina Simply Me! :D

    I am no expert but for me, yes stamps are okay to be stored on room temp, just properly placed on albums or stock books. :)
  13. TomRalphio

    TomRalphio Member

    Crap I don't have these many tools. Just a few albums, the rest is done by hand
  14. ursell

    ursell Member

    The only thing I have right now is a magnifier as far as tools.
  15. Amir King

    Amir King Member

    I wouldn't have though you would need any tools to collect stamps. I would have thought a stamp holding book catalogue or whatever it's called would be enough. I guess I can see the importance of tweezers so you keep it clean and in good condition.
  16. ursell

    ursell Member

    Well now I have a tweezers and a magnifier now .
  17. micah13

    micah13 New Member

    Wow, I never knew there was so much to stamp collecting. Now I'm really starting to feel like a novice here. In fact, lower than that. I feel like... a three year old trying to fly a plane...
  18. Steverd

    Steverd Member

    Has anyone mentioned: Showgard Desert Magic II Stamp Drying Book
    These books are amazing for used stamp collectors.
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  19. derailed

    derailed Active Member

    Well, I've never used any other "gear" than my bare hands. I love how this site always teaches me new information. Thank you!
  20. LindaKay

    LindaKay Member

    This is such a nice list. I have a great interest in stamps and have a small collection, but I can definitely tell that I'm a novice. I don't have even close to all of the things on this list!!
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