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    I have scanned my Texas Precancel Album in three large PDF files. I think it would make a great album with pictures of most of the stamps if someone else wants a reference or wants to start a collection. I don't know how to upload such large files (about 60 megs). I could do all 75 or so JPG pages separately but I don't know if this forum would want (or allow) that. Any suggestions?

    I have added the first three pages as an example.

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    Can't help with the tech problem, but congrats on organizing a a monster-sized collection. I used to collect precancels but became overwhelmed with the large number of varieties. I finally limited my collection to Iowa precancels and double-line electros. Still too many and too much "close work" in identifying the types and have moved away from precancels..

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    I never dabbled in precancels, but your collection looks awesome, Jim! There are some free filesharing services for public viewing tho I've not used any of them. Perhaps Google's file service (forgot the name)? Happy Holidays to you and yours!
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