Summertime..Great for BUYERS...Not so great for SELLERS

Discussion in 'Stamp Chat' started by Harry Golightly, Jul 31, 2018.

  1. Harry Golightly

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    Greetings All from Steamy Houston,
    I've been recently listing duplicate sets on eBay of FSAT/TAAF & British Commonwealth
    under my I.D. paulgol. If you are a buyer you may really get some great bargains RE; I just sold a 1931 MNH S.W. Africa set, including the Airmails for
    $124.00. I've noticed that just about all of the other material, just not including mine is selling for anywhere from 25%-33% of CV. If you are buying
    please consider making your move NOW.....or maybe this is just a fluke & I'm imagining things.
    Please feel free to pitch in w/ your opinions & please note I have a new eMail
    Happy 'Stamping' (If indeed that's even a word)
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  2. anglobob

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    HG....Interesting comments. I agree it,s not a great situation if you are a seller.On the other hand,a lot of sellers probably get their material at a huge discount from catalogue value.They probably only pay between 5 or 10 percent of catalogue value so even if they sell at 20 percent of catalogue,they are still making a good profit.
    I tend to buy most of my material now on Delcampe ,and to be honest,hardly ever pay more than 20 percent of catalogue value.Buying cinderellas is a different matter however,as there usually isnt a catalogue value.
    I did get a good deal on Ebay recently....bought some French Red Cross booklets,catalogued at between 8 and 16 euros each,and ended up paying just under 1 euro on average.The cost of shipping by registered mail to Ecuador was actually higher than the purchase price !!
  3. JCapwet

    JCapwet New Member

    I was thinking the same thing last night (really at 2 Am). I don't sell on eBay but (Please, Do Not ask me my site name as I do not use the many stamp sites/groups I belong to promote my sales) . My items on S2G do not have a time limit, so they stay posted until sold. I look at the hot summer as the time to load up stamps getting ready for the cold months and improved sales. Yes, as a Hobbyist and dealer I buy bulk lots for pennies on the dollar, that is why I can list my stamps at 1/3 Scott's catalog value and still make money. It is strange while I lived in Las Vegas stamp collectors would spend the hot days ( To you it may have been Very Hot at 100+ degrees) working on our collections, whereas my friends in New England were out enjoying their three months of summer and work on their collections during the winter months. I have always noticed a slow down during the summer months, and a picked up sales in the winter.
  4. Philbeaux

    Philbeaux Member

    I'd actually love to see what you guys have to offer. Most of what I buyis from Ebay and I would love to find another venue to purchase stamps.

    HG Golightly, I was actually in Houston last week buying stamps from a dealer.
    It was kind of a spur of the moment visit and she really didn't have much to view.
  5. JCapwet

    JCapwet New Member

    Go check out Low Prices and many deals to be had.
  6. anglobob

    anglobob Moderator Moderator

    Most of my purchases are from Delcampe.I think Delcampe offers more choices if you collect France or French Colonies.When I collected GB ,I found that Ebay was the better option.My only beef with Delcampe is that sellers charged a surcharge if you used Paypal.They have now said that this is illegal so sellers just add a misc charge to the invoice nothing has changed.
    I take a look at Stamps2go now and again but have never bought anything.Another good site for French items is Mascoo.
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