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    Hi everyone. I've been trying to find some information on these Stock Transfer stamps and cannot find answers to my questions. I managed to get some information, but not at all. Like - what constitutes a Stock Transfer stamp as used? post mark? perforation? Why are some not printed with 'stock transfer' and some are not? Thanks for any help! Stock Transfer 1 cent .jpg Stock Transfer 2.jpg Stock Transfer 3.jpg Stock Transfer 1 cent .jpg Stock Transfer 2.jpg Stock Transfer 3.jpg
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    High Notional,
    Documentary stamps minus the overprint of stock transfer are merely documentary stamps cataloged as revenue stamps, with the overprint they are RD designated or stock transfer stamps. Cancellations or lack of gum are good indicators that they are used. I have a bunch of stock receipts with both New York state stock transfer stamps along with the Federal stamps under a variety of brokerages.
    Sometimes you will find cut cancels or punched cancels, these usually catalog lower.
    It's a very interesting side line and much of the material is not especially expensive.
    I have a couple of links you can read perhaps they will interest you to further explore this interesting niche.
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    Hi Hochstrasse,
    Thanks for the info! Good stuff there in the links.
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