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Discussion in 'Want Lists' started by Meg k, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. Meg k

    Meg k New Member


    I am starting a stamp collection because I am chronically ill and need activities to keep me busy so I am not just sitting watching tv 24/7.

    If anyone has any stamps they would be willing to give me to get me started that would be awesome

  2. Philactica

    Philactica Active Member

    Bravo ! For not watching TV 24/7 but in what Country are you. No point in sending stamps when some Countries do not have an efficient postal service for normal mail.
  3. pistol

    pistol Member

    I admire your initiative, go for it. Unfortunately, I am too far from you, to donate you some stamps. It is true that my stamps don't have a high value but it is enough for starting. I am sorry to hear about your illness and wish you to be healthy and all the best!
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