Stamps that started me collecting...What started you?

Discussion in 'Stamp Chat' started by Harry Golightly, Feb 10, 2017.

  1. Harry Golightly

    Harry Golightly NonHinged

    Mozamb.1.JPG Hello Group,
    I presently collect only MNH Br. Commonwealth prior to 1970, having stopped collecting MNH Iceland for now.
    I'm sure each member of this group has their own story of just how they began their collecting & perhaps it might be enjoyable to share some of our stories.
    Here's mine:
    When I was 11 I saw a classmate's collection of stamps from Compania de Mozambique
    and thought they were, not only mysterious but, beautiful small works of art. The stamps from this (no longer Portuguese colony) had very little value, as now but I was hooked...& thus began my road to being a Stamp Collector.
    I was giving this some thought several months ago and came up w/ an idea to
    'commemorate' my induction into the hobby by making a framed Mozambique display to hang on the wall directly over the toilet in my bathroom. Therefore when nature calls, I can be reminded just how crazy I am. i.e. paying crazy prices for small printed pieces of gummed paper!
    Hope some of you enjoy this.
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  2. Larry L. Taylor

    Larry L. Taylor Active Member

    I'll have to admit, it was my dad and his collection. He had a box of duplicates (worldwide). My first 'collection' was hinged world-wide stuff and they were hinge mounted in . . . S&H green stamp booklets. Active thru high school, then kiinda faded out of collecting for about 20 years. Decided to reengage in collecting, and managed to obtain all the necessary supplements to update my Minkus Global albums - I now have 30 such albums (soon to be 32 when I get the last two years of supplements installed). Where am I now with collecting? Kind of phasing out again, although I may try to complete the 1892 columbians in their $ denominations. Too many varients of the same stamps in the US, too many 'slots' to fill in current US supplements, the self-adhesives are a pain to clean and mount, and very little postage is used these days not withstanding the lack of use of the commemoratives. Still, I have a US mostly mint (3 volumes), and a US used collection (2 volumes; harder to fill those recent slots), US plate blocks (8 volumes), US sheets (8 volumes in Safegard 3-ring binders), a Canadian (an provinces) in three volumes, and the Minkus collection in 32 volumes, and a recently added a Russian collection in Vol 1 of the Scott International.

    Foreign issues are nearly impossible to come by. May cap that collection when I hit the 100,000 count - 'bout 5000? to go.
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  3. DonSellos

    DonSellos Moderator Moderator

    Some of the below I believe I have mentioned before, but the first stamp collecting activity that I remember occurred in 1945 when I was seven years old. I was at home, out of school because of some aliment, and my mother was probably tired of me bumping around the house. She gave me a bunch of old envelopes and tried to show me how to collect the stamps as a pass time. Not much came of that, but I do remember being taken with a Sc 803, the orange 1/2c from the Presidential Series. The 1/2c stamps were used a lot on advertising mail then and their bright color and low denomination fascinated me. I have always considered the 1/2c Presidential as the stamp that got me started collecting. I still like that stamp and its Liberty Series successor as well (Sc. 1030).

    Nothing followed that first encounter for about 19 years. Then in 1964, I was corresponding with a long-distance girl friend and buying stamps at the local post office regularly. On one of those trips the clerk sold me ten Sc. 1260s. the Amateur Radio stamp, which was then a new issue. Today, I do not consider it a particularly attractive stamp, but for some unknown or unremembered reason I kept one of those stamps. I was aware of the difference between commemorative and definitive stamps and I got to thinking that it might be interesting to see how many different commemorative stamps I could accumulate. I went to the library and learned to use the Scott catalogs, visited the local newsstand weekly and purchased a copy of Linns Stamp News, and bought the latest White Ace stamp album pages from one of the stamp dealers in town. I was off and running as a stamp collector and I have continued unabated ever since.

    My collecting interests have changed dramatically, however. From U.S. commemoratives, I added U.S. definitive issues, then began a Canada collection, followed by Ecuador, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, British India, and a topical collection of Aircraft on Stamps. From there I turned to collecting used WW, mostly definitive series, and that is where I am today.

    In my earlier years of collecting I avoided covers at all costs, but in the early 2000s, I got over my aversion to them and collect covers fairly consistently, but not systematically. Not WW covers exclusively, but mostly U.S. airmail or commercial covers that are a little away from the norm or having some features that interest me.

    My collections, while fairly large volume wise, are not anywhere near complete or vary "deep" in rarities or scarce items. I don't have the discretionary money for the pricey stuff, but WW collecting always provides opportunities to acquire something new at lower costs.

    All in all, stamp collecting has been a satisfying pass time for me and I expect that I will continue it until I can no longer see the stamps or have the manual dexterity to handle and mount them in albums.

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  4. Werner Salentin

    Werner Salentin Well-Known Member

    My start as a stamp collector happened at the age of five.
    Then I had slightly different ideas about collecting from today.
    My father had collected stamps from early on.He had a world-
    wide stamp-album from 1922.On the preliminary pages rare
    stamps and their prices were shown.Hundred-thousands to
    many millions,I could read there a few years later,when at
    school.But what I did not know,that the prices were in Mark
    of the great inflation.
    Stamp collecting was widespread in our wider family.
    An uncle,whom I never met,had had a big classical collection.
    It was pillaged by looting american soldiers in the last weeks
    of the war,I was told.
    Anyway I never really stopped collecting.My father had a
    world-wide Senf-catalogue from 1940.(Senf in Leipzig was
    the most popular catalogue in Germany till 1945).
    He gave me many duplicates.He also bought from time to
    time some kiloware,what also gave many new stamps.
    I still remember the unbelievable slimy,sticky glue of
    the stamps from pre-1945 China.
    My first own cat.,just Germany I bought when 12.
    In my school-days I mainly collected West-Germany,Austria
    and later Liechtenstein and Vatican.
    At around the age of 20 I "discovered" Japan and from then
    on "conquered" several other asian countries.

    I still have my first "album".I was no more than a folded
    card-board,where in I glued stamps and later used the first
    hinges I got from my father.
    My "album" does not fit completely into my scanner,but here
    it is:

    Attached Files:

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  5. Harry Golightly

    Harry Golightly NonHinged

    Thank You all for sharing your stamp collecting stories.
    As I figured most of them would be very interesting & different from the rest. (WOW! Werner you what a grand amount & selection)
    Happy Hunting to all,
  6. Parsley

    Parsley New Member

    The first stamps that really got me interested as a child where Christmas stamps! I used to wait every year to see what the new design would be! They were a pretty easy way to start a collection as they were used in abundance each year. No chance of missing out. However they are not really worth anything of course because so many were used and printed!
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