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Discussion in 'Trades' started by fireman, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. fireman

    fireman New Member


    In this link you can see a new sheet with duplicated stamps from Spain available for exchange.

    Furthermore you can see all duplicated stamps posted in my blog so far, in this other link

    I have many more stamps to exchange that I have not yet had time to upload to the blog, if you are interested in exchanging stamps you can contact me through the blog here

  2. Takis Kalogerakos

    Takis Kalogerakos Active Member

    Dear F

    kindly have a glance in my swap list and let me know if there is any interest

    mmy best Takis
  3. fireman

    fireman New Member

    Hello Takis.
    I have seen your swap list and there are any stamps which I'm interested. What are the stamps of my blog that are you interested?
    Jose Mari.
  4. Takis Kalogerakos

    Takis Kalogerakos Active Member

    Dear Hose Hi,
    are there any stamps from my swaps that are to your wish?

    I am interested for Australia, South Africa, Malta and Spain

    look forward Takis
  5. anglobob

    anglobob Moderator Moderator

    Hello......I am looking for used French Colonies from omnibus sets 1931-1954.I have posted a list in another thread.I can offer GB used,French used and Ecuador mint and used.
    Thanks Bob
  6. Takis Kalogerakos

    Takis Kalogerakos Active Member

    hi Bob
    how we can be in a swapping posiison, means to have an idea what to be realised and what you want to have
    thanks Takis
  7. anglobob

    anglobob Moderator Moderator

    Some of my wants....only have Scott catalogue numbers
    Chad 60-63
    French Sudan 102-105
    Martinique 129-132
    New Caledonia 176-179
    Togo 255-257
    Ubangi Shari 82-85
    All used......1931 series
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