Stamps of Asia, Africa and Latinamerica

Discussion in 'Trades' started by Algernon, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Algernon

    Algernon New Member

    Hello friends

    I have stamps in Asia, Africa and Latin America to exchange for stamps of Germany and USA-if someone is interested ask me review country interested in particular so I incorporated it to colcnet so that they can refer to

    Best regards


  2. Molokai

    Molokai Well-Known Member

    I have a ton (well, not quite a dozen or so 16-page albums) of U.S. 1930s-1950s mint - singles, blocks, plate blocks, sheets. Also, a quite a few fairly recent FDCs and souvenir sheets. If those are of interest I can send you a sampling of them for the cost of shipping.

    I don't collect the areas you mention unless perhaps you have any with chess or bicycle racing as the theme. Send a note to my inbox if interested, we can work it out. Cheers, Molokai.
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  3. ram

    ram Member

    Hello Mario and molokai, would you like to exchange stamps with me?,

    I can offer stamps from all over the world and especially from israel.

    Sincerely you'rs

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  4. Frank Takasch

    Frank Takasch New Member

  5. Frank Takasch

    Frank Takasch New Member

    Have over 700 Used US to trade for WW,
    I have over 700 different US Used issues 1940-1995
    I like to mail out 100Comm. and 25 Reg. US Used issues for your country if possible or others to make up the packet.
    Please email me
    Please connect me as so as possible wither your interested .
    Anyone in the US that needs WW also, I will be about to trade after the 1st of the year for exchanging WW
  6. Algernon

    Algernon New Member


    Molokai: I don't have too many stamps of chess and cycling but when you do you will report.

    Thank you very much.-

    RAM: Please tell me that stamps are looking for.

    Frank: you can be precise in tell me that you were looking for? Sorry but my English is very poor.

  7. ram

    ram Member

    Hello Mario,

    I'm not looking for any partitular stamps, I collect all kinds and shape of stamps.

    If you want please write me your email address so I will be able to send you pictures of some of my duplicate stamps.

    Sincerely you'rs
    Ram shalev

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  8. krux

    krux New Member

    Hello from Germany,

    i can offer you some stamps of Germany.

    Best regards

  9. Algernon

    Algernon New Member

    Hi Ram,

    I have repeated stamps of many countries but I'd like you to tell me at least two or three countries that interest you to scan the stamps.

    My e-mail is


  10. Algernon

    Algernon New Member

    Hello Ingmar

    I am interested in your proposal, I collect USA (until 2001) and Germany (Empire, allied occupations, Berlin and Bundespost).

    I have many repeated in many countries, you should tell me that you are interested in to scan the images.

    We continue by email:

    Kind regards

  11. inkersohu

    inkersohu Member

    I am a stamp collector from China. I collected it about thirty years. I can offer the stamps from USA and Germany. If you want to swap stamps direct with me, you can explore my photo with the follow link and send me a mail to tell me what you want. My photo album shows a part of my collection. I can show you more picture if you need. I'm interesting in your stamps in Asia(include CHINA)
    Thank you.

    My email:

    My swap stamps photo

    I like vehicle(such as car, ship, plane, train);
    special shape(such as triangle, circle, star)
  12. Algernon

    Algernon New Member

    I send email

  13. inkersohu

    inkersohu Member

    I sent you mail
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