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Discussion in 'Stamp Chat' started by bickerstonehall, Jan 1, 2021.

  1. bickerstonehall

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    To avoid the costs of ebay fees when selling small items such as a First Day Cover or inexpensive stamp items I have from the opening day 12 years ago supported as one of the three administrators. The site has had as of past days a major refurbishment and upgrade and now as before anyone can buy and sell on the site for free and now open a store on the site for free. The site lost its member and listing database during the upgrade and now all are welcome to register any lots for sale or look at what others offer. I hope all my fellow forum members will join and support this project that has already been around for 12 years offering the chance to buy and sell for free. Thank You.
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    Just took a quick look. From what I can find there are no US listings at the moment. Is it primarily an Non-US group of buyers? Inexpensive items are hard to ship overseas dues to high postal costs
  3. bickerstonehall

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    The site is being repopulated after a full upgrade. There were hundreds of members and thousands of listings. You will see day by day the repopulation take place. Members already reregistering and bids and sales take place. Twelve years of Free Buying and Selling to put back on the refurbished site and no one gets paid. So please give some time. Thank You
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