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    I am fairly new to stamp collecting and have so far only visited a few stores. As Stamp shops seam to be closing all the time. I thought I would start this thread. The idea is that we add reviews and address of the stamp shops that we visit.



    Yvert & Tellier
    23 rue Drouot, 75009 PARIS

    -Small store on a side street
    -Of course had the full range of Yvert & Tellier Books
    -Few stamps, but seemed expensive
    -Two members of staff, very friendly and spoke some English


    Dijon Philatélique
    17 Place Darcy, 21000 Dijon

    -Large store, about the size of a small supermarket...but filled with stock. Stamps in boxes, folders etc. Stamps in boxes stacked from floor to ceiling, the area for customers to stand in is about 1m square. This is not the sort of store you are going to walk around and browse. Its a bit like walking into a storage unit. Nothing is on display.
    -A few books but mainly stamps
    -Two members of staff. The owner is an older guy who speaks very good english. Always happy to chat and very friendly. It is however a case of asking for something and he goes and finds it rather than having a look.
    -One thing to note, the owner keeps traditional French hours. i.e.closes for lunch and in August only opens a couple of afternoons a week.

    United Kingdom


    Stanley Gibbons
    399 Strand, London WC2R 0LX

    -Very smart store, on a very smart street
    -Full range of Stanley Gibbons books, stock books, Vario type plastic sheets, magazines etc
    -Expensive stamps behind glass in display cases. In the centre of the floor there are pages from stock books and albums. Each page is priced individually. They also have a couple of bins with bags of mixed stamps.
    -Three staff members. One seams to be sort of front of house and the other two had a desk/counter at the back of the store. All very friendly and happy to help.
    -This store does feel like Harrods, nearly if you have to ask the price you can't afford it. The last time I visited a customer was pretty much telling the staff that they didn't know what they were talking about. And then asked to speak to another member of staff by name. I think some of the customers who visit this store are now elderly and have been shopping here since they were children.

    The Stamp Centre
    79 Strand, London WC2R 0ED

    -Pretty much across the street from Stanley Gibbons
    -Sells postcards, some toys, stock books (old and new), first day covers
    -Stamps on pages and also in mixed bags
    -Two members of staff again very friendly.
    -The store doesn't feel as smart as Stanley Gibbons but feels like it has more stock.
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    Hello Alex, I would like to echo your views on the London stamp shops.

    I tried to edit some incorrect/out of date info on the Dealer database but it would not permit editing.

    I also tried to add Stamp dealer/stores for Thailand. Bangkok, Chiang Mai & Hua Hin.

    This was one that I submitted:


    Location: 1142 Charoen Krung (New) Road

    Mail: L. Kim Guan, G.P.O. Box 25, Bangkok, 10501, Thailand

    Map grid: G-6 - GPS or Google Maps - 13.728225, 100.515840

    Hours: Mon-Fri 0900-1730, Sat 0900-1500

    Tel: 01-2236-6699

    This shop had been on Silom Road for many years but in recent years it moved to the GPO area. It is in the same block of stores that Leng Stamps is located.

    This store was established in 1927 and so is one of the oldest stamp dealers in the city. They don't have nearly as much stock these days as in past years but they can still produce some hard to find items.

    Regards, James.
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  3. James-2489

    James-2489 Well-Known Member

    Hello all, L. KIM GUAN shopfront at 1142 Charoen Krung (New) Road, Bangkok
    enter on your browser "Google Maps - 13.728225, 100.515840"
    select streetview then rotate screen image to west


    Regards, James.
  4. Molokai

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    Great idea for a thread!

    Alas, in Colorado the brick-and-mortar stamp dealer has just about disappeared. A couple of coin dealers dabble in stamps. In the 1960s there were half-dozen or more pure stamp dealer. The best was The Penny Black run by J B Peterson. Arapahoe Coins & Stamps, probably the biggest in stamps has an announcement they are closing their doors.

    But we do have the Rocky Mountain Philatelic Library which is awesome (on the inside):

    I like the shop in Thailand, James!
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  5. James-2489

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    Hello all, I know a dozen or more dealer/shops here in various parts of the country. Some are proper shops, some are based in large department stores, some mail order only. Some also sell coins/notes and/or sell Thai Amulets.
    Others sell at the GPO weekend Stamp Bourse or outside the Postal Museum.

    Regards, James.
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  6. James-2489

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    Hello all, do you remember the market that figured in the film Charade as the "Paris forum"?

    Ave, des Champs Élysées at Marigny et Gabriel, 75008,
    Metro: Champs Élysées-Clemenseau--
    Open: Thursdays, Sat', Sun' & holidays. 10am to 6pm
    At this stamp collector's paradise, nearly two dozen stalls are set up on a permanent basis under shady trees on the eastern edge of the Rond-Point. The variety of stamps is almost limitless -- some common, some quite rare.
    GPS - Google maps 48.869113, 2.312427

    Also an addition to Alex's comment about the rue Drouot, (75009 PARIS) area. there are at least half a dozen stamp shops in this street alone. I can post addresses if anyone is interested? I have not visited any of these shops in the past 20 years.

    Regards, James.
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