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    Hello folks, since 1965 ( when i began collecting at 8 years old and am now 60 ) i have used newspaper for drying the bulk water from the stamp and in fact have layered them page after page to get bulk stamps done as i used to receive cartons of opened envelopes from a mailing center as a kid. That is to simlpy sort out different cancellations ( each separate state and circular from bar cancels ) in one area to save sorting again afterwards...In my experience i have never seen any bleeding and even if you do get bleeding, the stamp can be placed in water again to be re soaked off....Try to refrain from using any paper with red , orange, auburn etc etc etc ( hot or warm colors ) as they are the worst for bleeding..But what do i know?? I have only had over 50 years of experience ( OR HALF A CENTURY ) of philately and in fact practical experience in the hobby at that... Newspaper , UNUSED toilet paper and even paper towels can do the trick instead of buying oven sheets. You can also use a pillow case ,bathtowell ,teatowell and so on so the water soaks through the material / linen but i still will use newspaper....When the stamps are dried, place them under some heavy books for a day or so but as one can see it would be too much trouble for James....Attached is an example of a card of duplex numerical cancels that were soaked and placed on newspaper yesterday . Try to find some bleeding....The only thing you may see is the cancellations but what do i know. You will all decide what to do but when you find that newspaper is the easiest way out, i will then say "I TOLD YOU SO "... Naturally i dont know what i am talking about so you all take notice of others in here and go the long way about everything....Have a wonderful and lovely day

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