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    Our Stamp Dealer Directory is open for members to find out about stamp dealers and post reviews of coin dealers you've done business with in the past. Posting a review of a dealer is as simple as replying to a topic in the forums, but we will have somewhat different expectations of the content of your post. This doesn't mean that any rules pertaining to the forum are overruled, these are additional rules.

    1. Post a review of a dealer only when you have first hand dealings with them in the past. If we have reason to suspect that a review is posted by someone who has not had first hand business with the dealer, we may ask for proof of a transaction or remove the review.
    2. Post the facts of a transaction. Simply posting "this dealer is great" or "this dealer sucks" is not as meaning full as saying "I ordered a Penny Black in Very Good condition, and received the exact stamp I was expecting in the grade I expected. It was packaged well and delivered expediently."
    3. Try to work out any problems with the dealer before resorting to posting of a negative review of the dealer in our directory.
    4. Threats will not be tolerated. Any threats, whether they're physical, legal or illegal, are not wanted and will be removed. If you intend to bring a lawsuit on the dealer, you may not use our dealer directory to address that grievance as a court of law will decide the outcome. You may post the factual outcome of the lawsuit.
    5. Each member may post one review of each dealer. If you need to revise your review at a later date, you may do so (please contact a moderator for help with that if you need).
    6. Individuals may not create multiple accounts for the purposes of posting multiple reviews for specific dealers, whether those reviews be negative, positive, or otherwise.
    7. Abuse of the dealer directory may result in restrictions placed on your account.

    Thanks you, and please make judicious use of the coin dealer directory at CoinTalk!
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