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Discussion in 'United States Stamps' started by Molokai, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. DonSellos

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    I've been watching for a Herst cover from his Boca Raton retirement address for a long time. Finally found this one to a graphic design company replete with a pair of leftover Shrub Oak locals. Not an exciting stamp dealer cover, but it can serve as the last cover in my Herst collection.


  2. Molokai

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    An interesting dealer to Nassau Street dealer cover.

    H F Dunkhorst was both a coin and stamp dealer. George Sloane needs no introduction. Now we know he was in #401 at 116 Nassau Street.

    SDC-Sloane4-a.jpg SDC-Sloane4-b.jpg
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  3. DonSellos

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    I wonder how many offices were at 116 Nassau Street? Delivering mail there must have been a challenge as I have not seen many covers for 116 Nassau St with the office number on the envelope.

    Nice cover. Why do you suppose Dunkhorst used a block of four for postage? Surely the contents would not have weighed that much and no registry # or postmarks and people didn't just throw away .48 in 1935.

    Always a puzzle or two when collecting covers.

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  4. Molokai

    Molokai Moderator Moderator

    Wakonda Stamp Company.

    See <DON>s post #587.

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  5. Molokai

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    I *think* Herst said 45-50 dealers. I suppose if you were the regular postman for awhile you'd remember who-was-who and where they were located? On the other hand...surely some turnover.
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  6. RichardBabcock

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    lf (2).jpg I know Not a cover but a stamp add in a historic baseball program i purchased about 4 years ago. S & H stamps.Hank beating Babe Ruths record on opening day MOST HOME RUNS 714 AND 715 PASSING THE BABE
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  7. Hochstrasse

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    Hi Richard,
    Savings stamps is a whole other niche collectible. I remember as a kid watching my folks get their stamps with their receipt, the books they were put in and the redemption centers where books were turned in for gifts.
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  8. RichardBabcock

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    IMG_20210830_0003.jpg This one is a first day cover in Santa Barbara California. Read the letter that came with it to see why I say first day cover. Earliest used lol
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  9. RichardBabcock

    RichardBabcock Well-Known Member

    This is why i love the old letters. These stamps were not released to all cities on the first day. In fact only New York towns were issued these stamps on the first day. IMG_20210830_0004.jpg IMG_20210830_0005.jpg
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  10. Molokai

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    This one pushed the window of what I will pay for a SDC...but it is attractive and I didn't have a Weissman.

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  11. DonSellos

    DonSellos Moderator Moderator

    it's probably worth the price. I have not seen a Weismann
  12. RichardBabcock

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  13. RichardBabcock

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