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Discussion in 'Stamp Chat' started by Steve Robinson, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. Steve Robinson

    Steve Robinson Well-Known Member Supporter

  2. zararina

    zararina Simply Me! :D

    Yes, some stamps are great investments for those who have them. :p
  3. Tersuss

    Tersuss Active Member

    That seems to be the case at any rate, it still surprises me that stamps can be so expensive
  4. TomRalphio

    TomRalphio Member

    Haha I absolutely love NBG ~ No Bloody Good .
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  5. ursell

    ursell Member

    Thanks for the link. It's very useful. I didn't know about all the terms that comes
    with stamp collecting.
  6. Amir King

    Amir King Member

    The first link goes to a site that is written in a foreign language and the other two are to do with coins and bank notes. I can't find anything to do with stamp words.
  7. zararina

    zararina Simply Me! :D

    Those are old links so maybe the original contents are already altered and/or the with expired websites.
  8. Hochstrasse

    Hochstrasse Moderator Moderator

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  9. Amir King

    Amir King Member

    There must be quite a few collectors of others things on here. Collecting banknotes and coins must be popular. Do they have the same value as stamps? I would be interested to know which is most profitable.
  10. Lotto320

    Lotto320 New Member

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  11. derailed

    derailed Active Member

    Very useful and nice article. Thank you for sharing it!
  12. LindaKay

    LindaKay Member

    I'm not sure what is most profitable. I think it depends on what, exactly, you are collecting. Anyone can collect can start your collection with a simple trip to the Post Office. Obviously, that collection wouldn't be worth much, but a collection with rare and old stamps would be. On the same token, you can collect currency and it not be worth much if you only collect old coins that aren't really valuable or $2 American bills.

    For me, I collect things as a hobby. I don't really like to count on such things as an investment because you never really know. I knew a girl in school whose parents thought that her massive Beanie Baby collection was an investment to pay for her to go to college. Try to sell those jokers now and see what you get...
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  13. I never heard the NBG comment before. I will have to start using that one. I think I can use that for many things in life:)
  14. derailed

    derailed Active Member

    Well, as long as you love your stamps, there's nothing wrong with it. Price doesn't matter, but quality and appearance. At least that's my mentality.
  15. pistol

    pistol Member

    This is a very useful topic, thank you for share and I am sure that many will use it!
  16. fishmonk

    fishmonk Member

    I think the link given by OP is dead. Can anyone verify this ?
  17. augusta

    augusta New Member

    Learning a lot.I love the way I'm learning the good old stamp daily.Thanks for sharing Steve.
  18. fishmonk

    fishmonk Member

    Can you access the link given ?
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