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    This is a famous stamp issued by Monaco in 1947, showing FDR with his stamp collection. Note the design error - his hand at the right has five fingers plus a thumb !

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  2. RichardBabcock

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    Is this stamp collecting stamp or Philatelic advertising??Maybe BIRDS! IMG_20201127_0001.jpg
  3. Gunny

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    Looks like a souvenir sheet so I say it counts.
  4. Gunny

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    Spain celebrating the 100 year anniversary of their first postage stamp.
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  5. RichardBabcock

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  6. Werner Salentin

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    Marken DDR 319.jpg
    issued Oct.26th,1952
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  7. Werner Salentin

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    Marken DDR 445B.jpg
    1st central stamp-exhibition of the "Betriebsarbeitsgemeinschaften"
    Philatlie in Berlin.Issued Oct.30th,1954.Print: 500.000.

    The "Betriebsarbeitsgemeinschaften" or BAG was the central
    organization of stamp-clubs in the DDR (GDR).
    Stamp collecting was organized on a company-level.
    Such social activities in companies fostered the "we-feeling" of
    One has to remember that all companies were "volkseigen" (owned
    by the people).So the workers were kind of self-employed.
    At least in theory.In the West it was called: state-owned.
    In West-Germany big companies,like Volkswagen,were state-owned.
    Later they were privatized and became joint-stock companies.
    One of the last privatized ones was the Deutsche Bundespost,after
    splitted into three parts,Telecom,Post-Bank and "Yellow" Post,now
    Deutsche Post AG.
    A very successful worldwide enterprise with more than 500.000 employees,less than half of them in Germany.
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