St Patricks Day stamps.

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  1. Recent Irish issues....St Patricks Day and Emojis.

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    I don't see any values, "forever" classification, or class of mail imprints on these stamps. How will the public and postal employees know how they are to be used, especially a few years in the future? Does the W and N in the upper right corners indicate value and/or domestic or international use?

    May be like the U.S Post Office, if it says "Forever" on the stamp, it is presumed to be 1st class mail and sent on.

    I like the Don't Worry, Be Happy stamps.

  3. Don,
    The "W" on the St Patricks Day stamp indicates that it is for "world-wide" mail.
    The "N" on the Emoji stamps idicate "National" mail (including North of Ireland".
    It is also an indicator that postal rates will soon change.
    About two weeks ago, the Irish Post Office announced a big price rise.
    National mail is currently €0.72 and will rise to (probably) €1 in July.
    International rate is currently €1.10 but I am not sure what the new rate will be.
    Although the percentage rise is high, the Post Office is defending it on the basis that EUropean rates are higher.
    I posted about the programme for 2017 on Stamp Exchange earlier in the year and it does not look too expensive. It is normal for the St Patricks Day issue to be pitched at "worlwide rate" and I would reckon that some other issues this year will be "worldwide" the issue planned for Thomas F Meagher who was (among other things) an American Civil War general and Governor of Montana is bound to have an American interest. Likewise the issue planned to honour Che Guevara will have a lot of interest in South and Central America.
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    Thanks for the explanation. Postal rate increases seem never ending. Give us a look at the Thomas Meagher issue when it comes out.

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