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    The Smithsonian press contribution to history and technology # 56

    The Winton M. Blount Postal History Symposia, select papers, 2010-2011.

    130 plus pages of postasl history historical papers. here are just a couple of the papers to interst you

    Hermes , Message and Messenger p.11

    Debating Identity and origins with early 20th century American Commeratives p. 27

    Stalin on Stamps: design, propaganda and Politics.

    My favorites:

    The Transmississippi Exposition commerative stamp issue and National Identity.....

    Live Chicks ~ require First Class Treatment: The U.S. Special Handling Service

    United States Parcel Post system: postage due stamps and proofs.

    The publication is available free for download as a 14Megabyte .pdf file


    There are many more similar publications available on the site as you explore.

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    Thanks Jim I missed this post till now, will have to have a look and see what is there
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