Small German Collection - What do you think?

Discussion in 'What's it Worth?' started by GermanStamps2019, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. GermanStamps2019

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  2. GermanStamps2019

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    There ~30 envelopes with old letters inside, ~24 used postcards, 1 unused postcard from 1914, collection is mostly Germany, but there are a few random ones in there too. 5 mint booklets too as seen in the photos. Also those Romania overprints, I got 18 more I think I would have to check.
  3. Werner Salentin

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    I think you will have a hard time to find a dealer for that kind of stamps,

    I am no collector of the DDR (GDR).
    Your accumulation of DDR will also be difficult to sell.Generally only the early
    issues (1949 till about 1956) are in demand.
    But that may depend on the location,where you live.Let´s say you live in China,
    where there may be different conditions than those in Germany.

    Complete DDR collections are sold for about 30% Michel or less.
    The dealer-buying prices will be about half of that.

    More modern stamps,like yours,offered in lots made of complete sets
    will cost around 10 - 20% Michel.
    The buying price dealers might offer,will be minimal.This is for the market in
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  4. GermanStamps2019

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    Thanks for your reply!
    Some dealer offered me $200 for all those stamps, I am not sure should I accept or not...seems cheap, but I am not an expert in determining the price so I don't know.
    Someone please give me a rough estimate in $USD
  5. Werner Salentin

    Werner Salentin Well-Known Member

    I´m afraid you will have to do your "homework" by yourself.
    In your place I first would sort all DDR items by years.
    Then,with the help of a catalogue,bring them in the correct order.
    Then look for a dealer´s pricelist to find out their values.
    Realistic is to expect a buying offer of about 20-50 % of that value.
    It is a lot of work,but that´s what stamp collecting is about:
    spending time with your stamps !
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  6. Hochstrasse

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    I have taken a peek at the two links you have posted and have to agree with Werner on his summations. As far as the $200 offer goes, that seems like a fair offer to me.
    To get more you would likely have to try to sell the material yourself on Ebay or other auction sites. Maybe you are rewarded for you work, maybe not.
  7. GermanStamps2019

    GermanStamps2019 New Member

    Thanks boys I am going through one by one with a magnifying glass and enjoying it :D
    Eventually I will go with the dealer tho.
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