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    Good day.
    I'm usually pretty adept and figuring out the Scott number of a stamp, but this one has sooo many variations that I'm having a hard time. Any help would be appreciated. The scan is at 300dpi. Thank you.

    This stamp was tucked underneath a jewelry box from a thrift store purchase. I measure it as 11x11.5 perf, but not totally sure on vertical measurement. There doesn't appear to be any cancellation on it. It does have a vertical crease down the middle.

    [As for me, I've inherited my grandfather's collection, and I'm learning a lot. ]

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  2. Hochstrasse

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    There appears to be a crude reperforation done on the top and bottom of the stamp and you are not sure of the vertical perforation so it is impossible to identify. Since there are three printing varieties for this issue: flat plate, rotary print and offset print a very accurate measurement of the internal dimensions of the stamp design is sometimes also necessary for identifying a Scott number.
    My guess would be somebody tried to make an inexpensive stamp something it wasn't.
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    Thanks for your input. I've taken a photo with my phone (72dpi) and to me it looks like a vert perf of 10. See below. Please correct if my measurement is wrong.

    Does this help in identifying?

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    Hi Gunny. Good to see you back on The Exchange.

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    Yeah, I took a break for a while.
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