Scott 231 Broken Hat reconstruction

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    It seams the reconstruction of the broken hat has been almost imposable. I think the reason is this. The expert collects thousands of Broken hat types, And misses the smaller specs or early breaks, I've been finding small line spits on all types of plates, some have a indent to just starting to separate. The big job is to get all the same plates and line them up as the break continues to grow. The reentries will make it more difficult. I think it is possible as long as you look at all Scott 231s for any type of imperfection that could lead up to a broken hat. So far I've searched through around seven thousand stamps and have been lucky so far on finding different types and early breaks. My plan will be to research around one hundred thousand Scott 231s and bring together the break from the first step to the final step of the Broken Hat. If you have an opinion please post a message.
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