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  1. redsox81

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    So I got this Scott #2955 cut out on paper a few weeks ago mixed in with about 1,000 other different stamps ripped or cut from envelopes. I guess the woman I bought the box full from had been doing it over the past 40+ years. Nothing too great in there until I came across the #2955. I know these exist with some inverted and missing "Richard Nixon" in red ink, this one however, the ink is actually bright blue. I cannot find a record of a single known copy of his name being in blue ink. How is this possible? I think it really might be something special. Any ideas?

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  2. Larry L. Taylor

    Larry L. Taylor Active Member

    Probably classified as a EFO (error/freak/oddity).

    No guarantees on anything found. I've got an example of a major color omission (see attached) , and there is even a web page devoted to this particular stamp by other collectors who have obtained similar copies. But there is nothing in the Scott catalog that details this omission, or even alludes to it.

    Evidently such miscues don't warrant the publicity that something like Dag H. invert or the legends of the west misprint have engendered.

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  3. Hochstrasse

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    I agree with Larry that it's likely an EFO. It's an interesting stamp though, nice find.
  4. redsox81

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    Oh, I think its an efo too. I was just wondering if there were a record of any other copies. Since its a color error you would think there were atleast a sheet or a few before the error was spotted. I just can't find anything or info close to the blue color error on this particular stamp. If there isn't any record of any others wouldn't you all think the value would be considerably greater?
  5. Hochstrasse

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    A lot of the modern production methods lend themselves to EFO's, so many of them have no mention in the philatelic press. I have a stamp with a color error, but also without mention anywhere. I bought the stamps below over the counter at a post office, the body of the plane is supposed to be light brown, but the strip show a plane that is lavender. This color difference was only on part of the sheet. As for the Nixon stamp I have personally only heard about the Nixon invert error. I think the stamp as an EFO has more value without a doubt.

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  6. zararina

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    I think I have few of these cases with my stamps and never thought that those could be EFO. I thought those are just simply variations. :p
  7. Werner Salentin

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    To me the Nixon stamp does look suspicious. The cancel is to good to
    be from normal letterpost.It looks like cancelled to order.
    Of course it is more guessing than knowing,without seeing the stamp
    itselve.But it looks to me,that somebody had produced a changeling and
    got it cancelled too nicely.
    Changelings can be produced by chemical treatment,sunlight or even
    just by hot water.Different colours react differently.So it is well possible
    to alter or remove one colour and leave the others intact.
    Changelings are worthless.
  8. redsox81

    redsox81 Active Member

    Interesting, I agree that if it turns out to be fraudulent it would be completely worthless! It was on an O.J. Simpson trial update cover that was ripped in half and at the bottom, I guess that was the way the person who owned it before myself collected. Certainly not my method of collecting but to each their own I guess. I think the reason why the cancel looks so nice is BC its supposed to be. The O.J trial covers are supposed to be collector items (not my liking) I guess the owner before got it from someone and didn't like O.J so just kept the stamp, however, I really don't think the woman ever noticed the blue lettering hence not keeping the cover intact.
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  9. Steve Robinson

    Steve Robinson Well-Known Member Supporter

    Nice find even if it turns out to be a fake
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