Featured Samantha Smith the "Goodwill Ambassador" Commemorative Stamp (Soviet Union/USSR 1985)

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    I'm reminded, on this thirty-first anniversary, of the little "Goodwill Ambassador" of the Cold War. When she was ten years old, Samantha Smith of Manchester, Maine, caught the attention of the world by writing a letter to (and receiving a reply from) Yuri Andropov. Andropov was the leader of the Soviet Union for a short time, late 1982 to early 1984.

    Her letter to Andropov was simple, as you'd expect for a ten year old.
    I remember these days very well, I was in high school then and the Soviet Union was the "Evil Empire" and we were taught to fear them. That comes out very clearly in her letter. The remarkable thing was that this letter got the attention of the leadership in the Soviet Union, and I imagine that someone on Andropov's staff wrote the response.
    Samantha Smith went on to visit Moscow. Sadly, she never got to meet Andropov in person. Andropov's time as leader of the Soviet Union was short, and much of it spent suffering from the illness which would claim his life shortly thereafter. Smith's exciting and full of promise life was cut short by tragedy, when she was just thirteen, she died in a plane crash with her father.

    She is commemorated in this stamp issued by the Soviet Union shortly after her death.
    Anyone have one of these? I'd love to get one.
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    I do not have such stamp but if ever I would have the opportunity, I will gladly have it.
    Inspiring story and also sad since both of them do not live that long after that historical exchanges of letter. It will be great to see the covers and the original letters of them.
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    Although my grandmother used to collect different stamps all over the world, I didn't remember anything like this in her collection, but surely, she would also want to have it if she knows the inspiring story about it. Commemorative stamps like this would remind us that there are a lot of people, ordinary or not, who shares a great story with us, are deserving to be honored like this. That those stamps would serve as a remembrance of their great contributions whatever and wherever they are.
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    I recently came across this stamp in my desk. A friend had gone to visit her family in Russia and brought everyone back a little souvenir. I was wondering what the current value of this stamp might be to a collector. This has been inside a folded piece of paper, in my desk. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    I have five of these stamps, not sure what there worth!
  6. Bob

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    I see both singles and sheets on eBay at this time. Stamps -> Worldwide -> Samantha Smith.
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