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    I dedicate this stamp to serbian pilots who rose to the sky on the night of March 24. 1999. in order to defend the sky in their inferior MIGs in order to defend our skies against technically superior and outnumbered 50:1 nato airforce.
    These men didnt wait for command. These were squad commanders who felt the obligation to defend the country...
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    I'm not very knowledgeable about the politics of the conflict you mention, but the stamp you posted is great. It is from the 1982 Yugoslavia set of four commemorating the Yugoslavian Air Force and Navy. I don't have the stamp you posted, but I do have the next one in the set, the 6.10 dinars, depicting a Soko Galeb jet trainer which I have attached below. The last two values of the set are navy-related and I probably won't collect them. I do look forward, however, to acquiring a mint copy of the stamp you posted. Aircraft on stamps is the one topic that I consistently and enthusiastically collect and I greatly enjoy posting images of them when the opportunity arises.


    Airplanes 3 of 3.jpg
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    I hope you never get to experience that kind of historic experience.
    If I manage to get hold of mint stamps from the series I shall send them to you.
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