Roof Of Post Office Becomes Airport

Discussion in 'Stamp Chat' started by Baker J, Mar 13, 2021.

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    Hi all! I was going through a container/tote of covers and I ran across this one. Inside of this envelope was a newspaper clipping. I thought it was interesting, so I thought I would share. AIRMAILS 4 SNIP.JPG POST OFFICE BECOMES AN AIRPORT SNIP.JPG
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    Hi Baker J,
    I love these sorts of covers. I have a few first flight covers, but not a helicopter first flight. The novel coining in the newspaper clipping calling it a autogiro is priceless (figuratively speaking). The price of gas in 1939 averaged about 19c a gallon. I don't know about the cost of aviation fuel back then, but 5 trips a day was only possible decades ago.
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