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    plate 231.jpg Wanted for research Scott 231, This what im putting together, will buy all i can get.
  2. Here are three broken hats and broken Frame line lower right. IMG_20201003_0001.jpg IMG_20201003_0002.jpg IMG_20201003_0004.jpg
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  3. Printed with 200 plates, Thought to have all broken hats at some point. Not discovered for 75 years, Hear is what i believe is the first broken hat discovered IMG_20201004_0002.jpg in 1928 but no pictures were taken of the first broken hat. According to my book the first broken hat was on the second figure from the left not the third to the left of Columbus. That would make my find of this stamp the earliest recorded broken hat. LOL, stamp collecting is fun!
  4. new hat r.jpg Here is my other broken hat or something else lol, second man on left of Columbus
  5. IMG_20201005_0001.jpg IMG_20201005_0002.jpg Broken Hat Type B, Potion 17-18 broken frame line.
  6. IMG_20201005_0003.jpg IMG_20201005_0004.jpg Broken Hat Type A, Broken Frame line position 19-20. Theses are the first ever found. None has ever been recorded to exist together.
  7. IMG_20201011_0001.jpg New find! Two Broken hats, Third man on left of Columbus and 4 th man on Left of Columbus. IMG_20201011_0002.jpg
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  8. IMG_20201012_0002.jpg minor blurry image
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