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Discussion in 'Stamp Chat' started by tasha, Feb 15, 2016.

  1. tasha

    tasha Active Member

    I have found that in the recent years religious stamps do not really come out and I find it shocking that in switserland they removed the cross to accommodate other religions. I hope that this is not the case for stamps because surely we can all enjoy religion without having to worry about it offending anyone
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  2. James-2489

    James-2489 Well-Known Member

    Hello all, if the IRFC can work together , why do we have to worry about offending people with religious imagery?
    I am a non-religious person with a Buddhist wife. I have visited 100s of religious buildings around the world, Abbeys, Basilica, Cathedrals, Churches, Chapels, Gurdwara, Hussainia (Persia), Martyria (Greece), Mosques, Monasterys, Shrines, Synagogues and Temples of many religions (Buddhist, Jain, Hindu, Sikh etc.) These buildings represent some of the finest architecture and most beautiful buildings around the world.
    We should be celebrating not condemning these places of worship or their religions.
    The Golden Temple at Amritsar.
    Regards, James
  3. Hochstrasse

    Hochstrasse Moderator Moderator

    Typically here in the states the Postal Service releases a religious stamp for the Christmas mailing season. In 2015 they didn't release one to my knowledge. They did release a "snowflake" and a "Charlie Brown Christmas" stamp. Perhaps they still had left over religious themed stamps from 2014, of which they issued several. I doubt that the USPS has any plans not to issue them going forward.
  4. SATX Collector

    SATX Collector Remember the Alamo!

    For a country that was built as a solution of 'freedom of religion' I am also shocked that we, speaking of the USA, have such polarized views of others beliefs.

    Yes, a few radicals exist, even in all of the so-called Protestant religions, let alone Catholics, Muslims, Buddhists, etc.
  5. zararina

    zararina Simply Me! :D

    In here, it is also common to have Religious Christmas stamps. There have been stamps showing various religions in here as well.
  6. Werner Salentin

    Werner Salentin Well-Known Member

    To what incident do you refere to,when you write:
    "in Switzerland they removed the cross to
    accommodate other religions" ?
    I never heared,something like this has happened.
  7. tasha

    tasha Active Member

    Immigrants want the cross removed from the swiss flag because they say that it is a multicultural country and the cross only represents one religion which is offensive to other cultures. It is an immigrant group based in Burn.
  8. tasha

    tasha Active Member

    wow interesting being married to someone that has a set religion and it is nice to know that you can get along without having the same beliefs. I agree with you James there are so many different cultures and religions and they should all be equal and respected.
  9. Werner Salentin

    Werner Salentin Well-Known Member

    Well,that is somewhat different from your first
    quote.If some lunatic group in Bern (I suppose)
    wants a new flag for Switzerland,so let them
    want it ! That is another matter than: " they
    have removed the cross"...
  10. tasha

    tasha Active Member

    yes sorry some of my information was not clear, they are a religious immigrant group that wants the cross taken off the flag as they feel it is a multicultural country. Tissot has removed the cross from their products for the Islamic people
  11. tasha

    tasha Active Member

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