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  1. ratio411

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    I am Dave, aka ratio411...
    I collect stamps and coins.
    My avatar is my Sc#73 with inverted star cancel.
    My father collected stamps since childhood.
    He passed in 2008, leaving me his collection.
    Since then, rather than sell it, I have decided to build it.
    It will be passed to my children one day.

    I collect anything U.S., just as Dad did.
    My personal favorites are the 'Classics' (pre-1930),
    & cover. I love postally used US cover.

    I have an abundance of both 'World' stamps in
    general, and duplicate US, that I use for trading.
  2. Peter T Davis

    Peter T Davis Administrator Moderator

    Hey Welcome Dave, I hope you'll be the first of many to come in and start using this system. :)
  3. Zach24

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    Hey, Dave, glad to see you at the SE.:D
  4. Steve Robinson

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