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  1. redsox81

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    I just came across this stamp today and had never seen one until now.
    I have seen the blue shade but not red. The blue is considered a rare stamp of Paraguay but I cannot find anything about this red one. Any Paraguay collectors that can help? This stamp is unused, no gum but I don't believe it was issued with gum.

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  2. Hochstrasse

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    I'm not a collector of Paraguay, but the standing lion with that particular denomination I also remember as blue. I have been unable to find any example of that color on any old Paraguay stamp online except this apparent modern reprint with that particular shade. Maybe someone with a catalogue could end that mystery. Perhaps you do have a rarity?

  3. DonSellos

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    An interesting stamp, for sure.

    I don't have a collection of Paraguay, but I do recall that the country has a reputation for postal shenanigans. In looking through my Scott catalog, I did not see a stamp listed with the color of yours. However, there is a explanatory note in the catalog which I quote here:

    "unofficial reprints of 2r in blue and other colors [emphasis mine] are on thicker paper than originals. They show a colored dot in upper part of 'S' of 'DOS' in upper right corner."

    My guess would be that yours is a reprint of the 2r in another color.

    A Stanley Gibbons catalog may provide more detail if someone has a copy.

    Good to see this forum active again.

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  4. wneva 2

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    Looks like SG 1131, 1970, 1 guarani claret - the stamp centenary issue, but trimmed top and bottom to produce ... an 1870 stamp in red.
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