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    Let's talk about stamps that have been designated as having "Jumbo" margins by PSE. I have the following three, and as you can see, they are well centered and have the expected large margins:

    This is my Scott #230, PSE graded XF 90J

    0230 1893 Columbus In Sight of Land PSE XF 90J.jpg
    This is my Scott #184, PSE graded XF 90J

    0184 Washington PSE XF 90J 3C.jpg

    This is my Scott #65, PSE graded VF-XF 85J
    0065 Washington 3C PSE VF-XF 85J.jpg

    The last one, the Scott #65 caught me off guard when I saw it. I was under the impression that for a stamp to be graded with the "J" caveat, it would have to have four Jumbo margins. Not the case with this stamp.

    Here are a couple of stamps I'm thinking about sending in for grading to see if I can get a Jumbo designation. What do you think?

    My Scott #534a Type VI

    0534a Type VI 2C.jpg

    My Scott #C03

    C03 1918 24C.jpg

    and, my Scott #E14

    E14 20C.jpg

    PSE's grading standards website states, "Jumbo qualifiers (J) can be added after the numerical grade by PSE's experts in the event that the stamp falls into the proper category based on centering and condition, but has exceedingly large margins in comparison to the average of that stamp." I highlighted the last part as this is probably why my Scott #65 received a Jumbo designation. This stamp is not normally well centered, much less have a couple of huge margins. You can find the PSE grading website at

    Let's see some of your Jumbo designated stamps !!!!!!!!
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  2. RICHARD Babcock

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    id send the c3, dont think the E 14 will make jumbo
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  3. Gunny

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    Thanks for the recommendation.
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