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    I am in my 60's and have been a collector over 50 years of my life...
    I am starting to wind down my collections and looking to sell them off.
    Is there any intrest in USA pre cancels and postcards??
    Anyone wanting to see the reverse of a postcard, please message me
    with appropriate numbers of the card.

    As i am limited to only 10 items per thread, this is all i can place in here.

    Anyone wishing to view the postmarks on the back of a particular
    card, just message me. However all pictures sent will be watermarked
    with my username.

    #106.....$1.50 Postmarked Bangor Maine 1977
    #107.....$3.00 Postmarked Butler Pennsylvania 1914
    #109.....$5.50 Postmarked Millersburg Ohio 1910
    #111.....$2.50 Postmarked Mount Hope Ohio 1910
    #112.....$2.00 Postmarked Ohio 1910
    #113.....$5.00 Postmarked Malden Illinois 1910
    #114.....$10.00 Postmarked Butler Pennsylvania 1909
    #117.....$6.00 Postmarked Avon Ohio 1911
    #118.....$2.00 Postmarked Avon Ohio 1910
    #120.....$7.00 Postmarked Cleveland Ohio 1914

    Shipping by USPS is 3.85 and includes tracking for the first 4 items.
    Any after that are an added 50c each... Packages are packed
    with cardboard for maximum protection and are marked on the
    outside photos enclosed, please do not bend...Lastly they are all
    send by non machinable mail.

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