Postal card with reverse stamps

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    My Grandfather was a postman in Brookston, Indiana after WW11. He collected stamps & things dated before & after the War. I'm not exactly sure what this is. Can anyone help me? The card appears to have an error of being stamped close to the edge. 15726584692022473767934502495985.jpg 15726585523521034666924074645532.jpg 15726585523521034666924074645532.jpg
  2. That is close to edge, But what is interesting, is that it looks to be used as a multi delivery use like a postal wrapper to deliver multi-pal pamphlets. If you ever interested in selling it contact me. Thank you Ux27c Dark green Die 1 shifted to the right. It is also shifted up, I was comparing it with my collection of UX27 cards.
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